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Hey yall. My name is Sara and I am 14. I guess †his is where I am supposed †o †ell you abou† myself bu† mos†ly every†hing abou† me is in †he in†eres†s and shi† area of †he profile. Mos† people tha† I know call me ei†her go†hic or punk bu† I consider myself †o jus† be me. I ha†e labels and I †hink †ha† †hey should die. I smoke a lo† of cigere††es and yes I smoke weed a lo† †oo. I hang ou† a† Square One Mall on Friday and Saturday nigh†s wi†h my friends who rock my world. I love †hem †o dea†h. Their pic†ures are below. Some†ime I am considered a slu† because I love to make out and shi†. I don'† really care I jus† love †o make ou†, guys or girls. I also love love love hugs and I love to cuddle and be held. I†'s the bes† feeling ever. Oh, and i squeek and/or scream when someone pokes me in †he side. I am †he mos† †ickleish person you will ever meet in your whole life. I love the color black and I wear i† more †han any o†her color, bu† I do wear o†her colors like pink and red. I do shop a† ho† †opic but I also shop at Marshalls and Bob's because they rock. Especially Bob's. †hey have awesome shoes and jeans. I dye my hair a lo† †oo. I don'† †hink †ha† †heir is a color I haven'† died i†. Righ† now i† is black wi†h blue bangs. I'm also a very trustworthy person. I always lis†en †o people no ma††er wha† and I don'† mind. I love helping people ou† and supposedly I am really good a† i†. I'm †he kind of person who will be †heir for you a† like 3 in the morning. Im single at the moment so yeah. but i really like this kid eric and i know he likes me so yeah. his pic is below. If you would like †o know any†hing else abou† me then IM me on AIM a† demonicfantacy or xxxbamxpertxxx or on Yahoo (rarely on) at demonicfantacy.

to get a life



Music: papa roach, greenday, weezer, slipknot, korn, avenged, sevenfold, sublime, gorrillaz, coldplay, rise against the machines, 311, montys fan club, suspision of graces, machine head, dave matthews band, u2, guns and roses, atreyu, coal chamber, devildriver, system of a down , incubus, aiden, evanescence. my chemical romance, the used, the killers, ACDC, AFI, bowling for soup, breaking Benjamin, celldweller, crossfade, future leaders of the world, jimmy eat world, Jet, modest Mouse, sugarcult, sum41, nirvana, black sabbath, 3 doors down, a perfect circle, audioslave, beastie boys, Cky. HIM, and slayer Movies: IT, Peter Pan, the ring, the devils rejects, texas chainsaw, massacre, house of wax, the ring 2, the grudge, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Finding Nemo, Sharktale, and The exorcism of Emily Rose

Username:xinnocentkittenx (user #117379)
Interests:(46) and anime Dislikes: poZers, and fakes, animals, balloons, bright lights, bugs, cameras, candy, chainsaws, CHEEZ-ITS!! (dont ask), clowns, coffee, computer, cops, fire, friends, girls, headaches. stomache aches, hugs, ice cream, jocks, KARI OSBORNE, kisses, liers, lies, Likes: guys, lollypops (lol ray), most kids, movies, music, my lil brother, my stepmom, parents, Pennsylvania, poetry, preps, rap, RAY!!!, realli realli tall people, spiders, strobe lights, stuffed animals, the fone, the mall, the sun, weather over 73 degrees
Last Login:Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Created:2005-09-28 19:26:45
I smoke:Regularly
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Few Extra Pounds
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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