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I cried for the first time sixteen years ago in Marysville, Pennsylvania. I've lived in Florida for over half of my life and I can honestly say that it's not my favorite place in the world. I believe many things, pretty much anything you tell me, but I don't care for many others. Tell me I can't do something and I'll show you I can. I've always been the outcast kind of person, when they girls were playing with their Barbie dolls inside the classroom, I was outside naming my pet worm Dirt. You should know that my favorite song will say more about me than my mouth ever will. I never judge people. I don't get why people do. Everyone is their own self and it's how they choose to be, if it's not effecting you, then why should it even matter what they're like? You don't have the right to judge someone unless you truly know them and you've experienced something with them (that doesn't necessarily mean love or friendship). I've been through a lot in my life, and I now who's hands to shake and who's to hold. As you can tell, I love to write. I've always wanted to be a good artist, but I can't even draw a straight line or a circle, so that route is not for me. People who start crap with me for no reason, I have no reason to be friends with you so stay away from me. I can turn from nice to a bitch in 2.5 seconds, so I wouldn't get on my bad side if I were you :) But, I really don't get mad easy. It would take a lot to get me agitated. Other than that, I'm a really fun person to be around. I'm taken by the most amazing guy ever :) Kyle James Croney of course! I love to give people compliments. I'm always nice and I never put myself in front of anyone else, even if I don't like them. We're all here for a reason and I don't know mine yet, so while others go down the easy road, I go down the road less traveled and whoever tags along with me is who I get close to. I'm really interesting to get to know. Although I may be really quiet at first, once you get to know me and I open up, I'm pretty much insane :)

Kyle James Croney, Conrad Josph Leduc, Kevin Anthony Croney. The three people that mean the most to me:)

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Interests:(64) mudding, baby jesus!, baseball, bass pro, boating, bon fires, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, cute country boys, dancing, driving, eating, fishing, food, football, FORD! fsu, four wheeling, freaking out on my living room floor for no reason whatsoever, gander, getting stuck in the powerlines, grapes, hanging out with friends, having fun, icing, ireland, jetskiing, kayaking, late nights, laughing, lifted trucks, memories, monster energy drinks, music, never being home, nicoles family, nicoles house, partying, pennsylvania, pictures, radio, reading, roadtrips, rodeos, running, running out in the middle of a hurricane, scary movies, screaming, singing, skillet♥, sleeping, sports, steelers, sugarland, swimming in my pool, tailgating, tanning, the beach, the lake, the rain, the river, tubing, volleyball, winter, writing
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