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Self Overview:

Hai I'm Lo. I get distracted by Shiny things.
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I'm not a mental asylum escapee, I have a day pass

I won't claim to be different
& I won't claim to be the coolest person you've ever met
Who I really am comes through in many things.
I'm just me.

i like music. i tell it how i see it. always. i'm subject to change. i exist on coffee and poptarts.

I have been called:
lovely. friendly. insane. funny. arrogant. jerk. caring. cold. talented. intelligent. quirky. b*tch.
So, basically, human.

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&& this is my best friend.


-get something published-
-find my other half-
-travel to another continent-
-get straight A's, even in math-
-become featured member on bzoink!-
-become an ER doctor or nurse-
-have a really big family-

-to meet Tom Chaplin-
-to marry Tom Chaplin-
-to assure Tom Chaplin that I am not a total stalker-
-a frappacino-
-to get my Hogwart's acceptance letter-
(because, because, i'm sure it's just, y'know, lost in the mail...)
-freedom for Tibet & Iran-
-the Darfur genocide to end-

I won best actress for my seventh grade GT play. Other than that, I have not accomplished anything terribly amazing...yet.


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Username:vintagekid (user #332011)
Interests:(117) 3OH!3, acting, africa, alaska (home!), ancestry, apocolypse theories, asia, babysitting, baking, big cities, britain's got talent, canada, candles, cheesy movies, cheetos, chewing on everything (no innuendo intended!), chocolate, chopsticks, coffee, cold sunny days, Coldplay, current news, devon murray, douglas coupland, dream interpretation, dreams, england, eyeliner, eyeshadow, facebook, fidgeting, fireworks, futuristics, Gaelic, ghost hunting, godchild, Green Day, hair styles, harry potter, hello kitty, horror movies, html, icons, ireland, japanese movies, kathy griffin, keane, king of the hill, korean dramas, languages, legos, life, M*A*S*H, mac n' cheese, makeup art, manga, matthew lewis, medical shows, medicine, mental health, microsoft products, monty python, MSN messenger, myspace, nail art, Oasis, Owl City, palmistry, pandas, people, pepsi, perfume, philosophy, photography, poetry, politics, poptarts, pro-life, progeria research, questions, quizzes, rainy days, ramen noodles, random factoids, randomosity, rare diseases, religion, russia, sarcasm, satire, school, scotland, seattle, shopping, sincerity, SLEEPING, stephen colbert, sunglasses, surveys (duh), swedish techno, tarot, The Beatles, the cain saga, The Killers, the office, the pacific northwest, the sims games, Tokio Hotel, tom chaplin, tom cruise, twitter, uk, vintage, wandering, wikipedia, world culture, writing
Last Login:Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Created:2009-08-16 02:56:42
I smoke:Sometimes
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Few Extra Pounds
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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