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Self Overview:
"Buoyed by victories in 2 war on insects wars, a victory in his strife for student of the month war, the result of the 2009 sbcs publicity contest, and his civilization 4 beyond the sword hall of fame, Jay Myers (Hurricane Jay) is a peace-loving and sophisticated, well-traveled and well-established person."

protect my miniature city, mass murder insects, take care of my cats, win at things

- 3 18x14 frames to protect some documents I have. I'm not going to hang them up, I just want to protect them from the cats, is all.
- a 1st place certificate in science fair.
- a certificate in leadership excellence at usi.
- a coins diploma.
- everyone to know that I'm a capricorn.
- isis to be destroyed.
- karma to hit the unfrienders, if it hasn't already.
- more civilization 4 victories.
- more silver certificates.
- my dna tested so I can have a formal ethnic makeup. but, I do know that I'm british and german, and that I don't pass for native american.
- pmg certified banknotes.
- to build up my canadian money so that one day, I'll have 1 gold ounce worth of canadian money.
- to mass murder insects.
- to protect the meaning of my awards.
- to protect the meaning of my name.
- to protect the meaning of my profile picture.
- to rebuild my $100 canadian dollar bill that I spent in canada back in 2012.
- to rebuild my 2 £50 british pound bills that I spent in england back in 2005.
- to win war on insects 3.

deleted all my older sites, found God, got everyone to call me “hurricane jay”, got my pic taken with elsa from the movie frozen, graduated from highschool, my civilization 4 hall of fame, my miniature city, my student of the month status, survived 2 dislocated shoulders, survived 8th grade, upgraded my current sites, won 2 war on insects wars, won a 1st place trophy in 1995 landform report, won a 2nd place certificate in 2009 sbcs publicity contest

activity: being online, playing games, staying up late, exploring
age group to date: 30s
age group to work with: kindergarten - 5th grade
astrological sign: capricorn
book: the bible, the time machine, the physics of star trek
cat: my cats
cd: my no secrets cd
chemical element: gold, silver
city: shadowville, tropical isles (my miniature city)
civic on civilization 4: hereditary rule
cologne: ck one summer, clinique happy, eternity
color: blue, white, gold
country: america, egypt, england, united arab emirates
currency: canadian dollar, us dollar
dog breed: sheltie. I miss my sheltie.
drink: guava nectar
exoplanet: 55 cancri e
file format: .jpg
font: arial size 10
food: asian food, cinnamon, hearts of palm, my mom's cooking, peppermint bark, pizza
galaxy: the pegasus galaxy on stargate atlantis
game: civilization 4, nation states, super mario brothers 3
google sites site: civ4tropicaljay (mine)
holiday: christmas, easter
hurricane: emily (1993)
love status: single
mall: eastland mall, opry mills
miniature building: my 15 inch tall miniature freedom tower, my 16 inch tall miniature empire state building, my building I won as part of my 2nd place in 2009 sbcs publicity contest award
mood: kawaii
movie: beethoven, frozen, independence day, jaws, san andreas
number: 7, 10, 1228
planet: earth
religion: christianity
room in my house: my room
scene on the movie independence day: the one where the buildings are blown up by the aliens
scene on the movie mars attacks: the one where the aliens' heads explode
school year: my 12th grade year
season: I like them all, actually
song: let it go by idina menzel
soundtrack: frozen (2013), independence day (1996)
species: bunny, cat
store:, coin shops and places that sell banknotes,, traderbakers
thing I won: my 1st place certificate in numismatics, my 1st place trophy in 1995 landform report, my 2nd place certificate in 2009 sbcs publicity contest, my certificate in 1995 - 1997 student of the years
topic to study: cosmology, egyptology, religious studies
tornado: my electronic miniature tornado
tv show: ancient aliens, beethoven: the animated series, cops, the adventures of super mario brothers 3
type of cheese: american, cheddar, gouda
type of government: constitutional monarchy
video game system: nintendo wii, nintendo ds
volcano: my miniature volcano that won me my 1st place trophy in 1995 landform report award
weather: hurricane conditions
word: tropical
year: 1995, 2010, 2011, 2015

Username:tropicaljay7 (user #341738)
Interests:(20) buying things on ebay, civilization 4, cosmology, destroying insect colonies, egyptology, facebook, felinology, historicity of jesus, idina menzel, killing pillbugs, linguistics, meteorology, miniature buildings, nation states, numismatics, religious studies, skyscrapers, student of the month, things about me, winning things
Last Login:Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Created:2011-05-04 12:47:24
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:Some College
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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