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♥ Well Hello There ♥
Take a few minutes to get to know me better :]
My name's Tiffany,
I like Tifferz better though,
Call me what you like
I rocked the world on July 3rd 1989
Married the love of my life Chris, July 5th 2008
I'm the 2 oldest out of my 4 siblings
Myspace is addicting
I'm a sugar-holic
You won't forget me
I'll never hate you just overly dislike you,
So don't get on my bad side
I absolutely love the rain
My sister fills 2 spots,
Because she also like a best friend
Swinging is tons of fun
I have a bad habit of making fun of people I don't know,
Sue me! :]
I have learned a lot of lessons in life,
But nothing from school
I hate going in public without make-up
I'm pretty random
Don't try to change me,
You won't succeed
I take way to many pictures,
You'll notice if you look at my albums
I'm pretty impatient and insecure
Driving definitely isn't a passion of mine
My eyes are what compliment me the most
I was raised as a country girl,
And I love me some greens!
You don't scare me
Music is a big part of my life
Summers = swimming in the river & BBQ'n
Winter = Cuddling anywhere warm & snowball fights
I love to fish,
Yeah buddy!
I don't have too many friends,
But the ones I do have, I hold close
Me, my husband, and my siblings,
We're the loud, annoying ass people in Wal*Mart
I love my dog that's about the size of an overgrown rat,
Her name's Pixie and she's a chihuahua,
I like teaching her tricks,
But she's is obsessed with roll over
I love my three kitty cats,
Their names are Pig, Cali, & Floofy
Pig is the one I picked out and claim,
She likes biting and scratching everyone, she's evil
Cali is the one Chris picked out,
She likes to cuddle
Floofy is the one Jill talked us into taking,
She is the one that always has to say good-night
Firefox is the reason I can spell
I talk a lot of nonsense,
I know :]
Ronnie, Jill, Ethen, and Peyten,
Their our very close friends whom we love dearly,
Well, their actually considered family
I love scary movies,
Nothings scary enough though
I'll eat stuff I don't like more than once,
Usually I forget why I don't like it
Classic cars and big trucks are my favorite,
No matter how many times Chevrolet needs a bail out plan,
It's still my favorite,
Even though I drive a Ford,
Chevrolet's are sexy
I love the sky, moon, and stars
I am strongly against abortion
If you are gay, stay away,
I'm not into that,
I have my beliefs
God comes first,
He's my main man,
Although I slip up a lot,
Nobody's perfect
I would like to foster and adopt one of these days
I like to smile at truckers,
Just to see if they'll honk
The letter Z and number 5 are my favorites
I have a cheesecake obsession
It may take me a few minutes to warm up to you,
I'll end up talking forever
I love taking surveys
I wonder if stars are people looking from Heaven,
And which one my grandma would be,
I say she has to be a bright one,
Or dad wouldn't be able to see her
I think to much about absolutely nothing
I feel I belong in pictures with my sister
I've never been in a fight
I love the dark, it's when it is usually the most calmest
I stay up to late
I have heart surgery scars
I'm a drop out,
But hoping to get my G.E.D
I have eaten bugs,
They were pretty tasty
I sneeze to much
Your yawn will make me yawn
I don't like crying,
It makes me feel weak,
So I try not to
Jimmy Kemmel Live is the best late night show
I like some old songs
I usually forget what I was going to say
I can make you laugh
I hate when people comment with Thanks for the add,
Usually they are the ones who added me,
Shouldn't it be Thanks for the accept?
I don't get it
I'll drive you crazy
I love small town bands,
They just want to make it big,
And they will because I have faith in them
My jokes are rarely funny,
So I am stuck laughing at them myself
I am not a fan of Barack Obama,
Next time lets vote Green Party,
Whatever that is
I have 3 favorite colors,
Red, Blue, and Black
You should get to know me,
I'm not all that bad
Wanna be friends?
Of course you do
Thanks for wasting time on my page :)
♥ Tifferz!

Starflower Starflower

♥ My "To - Do - Before - I - Die" List ♥

- Have sex in a boat on water
- Throw a party
- Eat snake
- Get a job
- Get my G.E.D
- Buy a foam finger
- Get a nice tan
- Drive alone
- Not argue for a whole day
- Go streaking in the woods
- Go skinny dipping in the dark
- Have sex in a hotel
- Go to Texas
- Swim in a random persons pool without them knowing
- Finish every episode of One Tree Hill
- Make an alcoholic drink
- Drive without a shirt
- Use handcuffs during sex
- Get over 299 friends on Myspace
- Go to the world's biggest mall
- Live past 23
- Talk Chris into doing something he said he wouldn't
- Ride in a plane
- Have a kid
- Foster or adopt a kid
- Eat a bug
- Buy an electric guitar
- Swim in a ocean

♥ Wants ♥

- To have a child.
- For you to get to know me.
- To get my G.E.D.

♥ Accomplishments ♥

- Getting married.

♥ My favorites♥

Food- Squid, Shrimp, Fish, Eggrolls, French Fries, Cheese Sticks, Cheese Noodles, Cheesecake, etc. Place- I love the river pretty much more than anywhere.. Color- Red.. Number- Five.. Band- Nickelback, Skillet, Flyleaf, etc. Show- One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Smallville, WWE, Myth Busters, etc. Movie- Dawn of the Dead, Scary Movie, Gone in 60 Seconds, Con-Air, etc. Actor- Chad Michael Murray, Jensen Ackles, Nicholas Cage, etc. Actress- Paris Hilton, Amanda Bynes, Sophia Bush, etc. Place to Shop- Wal*Mart, Goody's, Goodwill, Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, etc.

Username:tifferz89 (user #314785)
Interests:(55) ♥ Some of my current interests ♥

acting crazy, cleaning, coloring, cooking, dancing, downloading songs on my phone-Mp3 player, drawing, eating, etc., fishing, getting distracted, going to fairs, going to the park, hanging with my family, hanging with my husband, having fun at the river, just plain having fun, Laughing, listening to music, looking at stuff, meeting new people, naming other peoples cats like I named Itty Bitty & Big Bitty, not voting cause I'm not registered, petting animals, playing basketball, playing computer, playing football, playing on my phone, playing pool, playing PS2, playing with a slug that is outside sometimes, putting on makeup, reading magazines, riding around, saying stupid stuff I somewhat made up, shopping, showing public affection, singing, sleeping, sleeping on blow up beds, smelling flowers, smiling, swimging, swimming, taking pictures, taking walks, talking, talking on the phone, thinking, trying to make friends, watching movies, watching tv, wearing clothes that costed .25 but they still look good, wearing sunglasses, writing.

Last Login:Thursday, October 7, 2010
Created:2008-08-22 21:49:19
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Education:No Answer
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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