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S A R A H.
Yeah that's me.
I'm unique I don't want to be like ANYONE else.
Do you have a problem with the person I am?
I would say I'm sorry, but, I'm not.
Yes, I'm only thirteen but inside, I'm much older.
I love life.
God only gives you one life on Earth.
I refuse to waste it.
I'm gonna jump around to music and sing at the top of my lungs.
I'm gonna raise my hands up, close my eyes, and scream when I feel like it.
I'm gonna laugh like I've never laughed before at the smallest things.
I'm gonna kiss the boy when I want to and dance until the sun comes up.
I'm gonna run for no reason, do things on a whim, and follow my dreams when I want to.
I'm not gonna give a shit about what people think of me because I love myself and that's all that matters.
I'm gonna make friends with anyone and just say FUCK the haters when their mouths start running.
I'm gonna cherish the people I love and the good times they bring and when someone tries to bring me grief, I'm gonna laugh in their faces.
its the only way you'll truly survive this crazy rollercoaster.

to eventually get him to love me.

to reach my dream ,
to help people ,
to just do SOMETHING with my life,
and...oh yeah.

dracomalfoy,harry potter series, music, singing, dancing, acting boys,makeup, texting, tutu's,the mall, my ipod, photography, Disneyland , love,converse,aviator sunglasses, feeling carefree , making others laugh,drawing,other cultures,languages, CALIFORNIA , the beach, cadillacs, talking, shutting up, loving and being loved, my friends and family, being me .

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Created:2008-06-14 00:31:22
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Ethnicity:Latino or Hispanic
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