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Imagine a huge teddy bear of a guy with glasses and an adorable geeky nervousness. I have pretty much always and still read tons. My favorite topics are computer games, history, philosophy, sci-fi/fantasy and politics. I sneak religion, cosmology, and architecture into my bookworm addiction. New things are my passion, so I am constantly acquiring and digesting information. It also means computer stores and good bookstores are black holes which suck everything out of my credit card. Oh, I have no less than 5 books on my current reading list, music playing, the TV playing, web surfing, and an IM session going. I occasionally work on my web site ( and blogs.

My BA is in Psychology. However, I have not pursued a career that makes use of it. I expect to find a graduate program in the next year. I want to get a Master's degree and maybe a Doctorate sooner or later.

Toys. The geekier the better!

BA is in Psychology. Certification in computer stuff. I have received a few job reclassifications and a promotion.

I love a good story. A good story is anything that grabs me and sustains my overly fickle attention span. (a) Authors like George R. R. Martin, Douglas Admas, Frank Herbert, Fritz Leiber, Briane Greene, and Robert Howard are my favorites. Yes, I am partial to sword & sorcery and sci-fi. The Odyssey is among my classical epic favorites. Quantum Physics and String Theory, while above my head also rank high on my favorite book topics. (b) Willow, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, 5th Element, and anything by Hayao Miyazaki. (c) ATB, Garbage, Incubus, Paul Oakenfold, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Crystal Method. (d) Dark chocolate, Mardi Gras pizza, sesame chicken, spaghetti, and salmon. (e) Computer Games: Pac-Man, Tetris, Halo, Perfect Dark Call of Duty, Dawn of War, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. (f) TV: ER, Lost, Firefly, Grey's Anatomy, Star Trek: Next Gen and DS9.

Username:sneezypb (user #12359)
Interests:(150) anime, apache, art, atb, awk, baha'i faith, beach, blogs, blue submarine no 6, books, boondocks, bt, camulod, charlie kaufman, code, command line, computers, cowboy bebop, css, cyberpunk, dhtml, digital camera, douglas adams, dreamweaver, dvds, education, egypt, electronica, empires, england, epics, epistemology, ethics, family, fantasy, fiction, films, florida, football, futbol, gaming, garbage, genetics, george r r martin, georgia, ghost in the shell, greece, halo, high middle ages, history, homestar runner, html, hundred years war, illiad, incubus, intelligence, internet, japan, jimi hendrix, lan parties, last exile, learning, lewis carroll, literature, london, lord of the rings, macross, manchester united, medieval, megatokyo, miyazaki, movies, multimedia, museums, music, mysql, mythology, narnia, nausicaš, nerds, novels, ocean, odyssey, open source, paul oakenfold, pbs, pearl jam, perfect dark, perl, personality quizzes, philosophy, photography, photoshop, php, physics, piers anthony, polar bears, problem solving, psychology, public radio, quizzes, quotes, reading, regular expressions, robotech, sarcasm, science, science fiction, seychelles, shakespeare, shell scripting, snow, soccer, solaris, spirited away, star trek, star wars, stephen hawking, string theory, sweet potatoes, swimming, swords, sysadmin, tchaikovsky, techno, technology, tetris, the chemical brothers, the crystal method, the discovery channel, the renaissance, thinking, trance, travel, unix, valdosta, valdosta state university, video games, videos, w3c, warcraft, web design, web development, wiki, willow, winter, world wide web, writing, xhtml, xml.
Last Login:Saturday, April 21, 2007
Created:2004-04-26 08:08:33
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Body Type:Extra Pounds
Education:College Grad
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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