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i am me and i am unsure who that really is besides the noticeable

life fast die young.

to be happy and to find someone who gets me and won't leave me becasue of what other ppl think

Username:shaunda1 (user #123240)
Interests:(147) a global threat, addiction, alcohol, alleys, alternative pin-ups, anarchy, anti-bush, anti-flag, art, asians, bass guitar, bass solos, beer, black & white pictures, black flag, blitz, blood, bob marley, boots, booze, bradley nowell, brett reed, british punk, casualties, cemeteries, chains, chaos spikes, cheap sex, chick musicians, chick skateboarders, cigarettes, circle jerks, cky, clit 45, cocaine, converse, corsets, crack whores, crust punk, danzig, dead boys, dead kennedys, distillers, drácula, dreads, drinking, drugs, drums, duct tape, edward scissors hands, exploited, eyeliner, family guy, fat mike, fender guitars, fishnets, flogging molly, freedom of speech, garters, gg allin, girls in bands, grafitti, guitar, guys with eyeliner, henry rollins, heroin bob, heroine, ice cream, imperfections, insomnia, junkies, kissing in the rain, lars frederiksen, leftover crack, librty spikes, local punk shows, loud music, lower class brats, lust, lyrics, making out, marilyn monroe, marlboro menthol 100s, masturbation, matt freeman, misery, misfits, mohawked girls, mohawks, mosh pits, moshing, music, myspace, night, nirvana, nofx, offspring, operation ivy, painkillers, paranioa, passion, permanent markers, perverts, photography, piercings, pills, pin-ups, poetry, power chords, prescriptions, punk, punk rock cunts, purple, rain, ramones, rancid, razorblades, reggae, safety pins, scars, sharpies, sid vicious, ska, skaters, slc punk, sleeping, sluts, social distortion, streetpunk, sublime, suicide, the adicts, the cramps, the germs, the used, the vibrators, theater, thrift stores, tim armstrong, torn fishnets, toxic narcotic, transplants, tsol, unseen, vandals, violence, violins.
Last Login:Wednesday, December 31, 1969
Created:2005-10-27 20:28:49
I smoke:Regularly
I drink:Sometimes
Body Type:Extra Pounds
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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