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Self Overview:

"What a bitch"
- Adolf Hitler on the Snekiman

"Snekiman can singlehandedly pwn stuff by staring at it."
- Halle Marseille on the Snekiman

"Snekiman: She eats babies."
- Keriana Williams on the Snekiman

"We stormed the Bastille together - we were inseperable since."
- Kikkoman on the Snekiman

- Rhino on the Snekiman

"She can fucking fly, I swear!"
- Superman on the Snekiman

"God she's fucking retarded."
- George Bush on the Snekiman

"She likes gay men more than I do."
- Oscar Wilde on the Snekiman

"Senki ate my baby!"
- Lindy Chamberlain on the Snekiman

"She's a bigger loser than me. That's... a lot of lose."
- George Costanza on the Snekiman

"So not funny."
- Conan O'Brian on the Snekiman

"Senki FTW!"
- Paul McCartney on the Snekiman

Senki Mekia is known by many names, though to strangers she prefers to be known as simply "The Snekiman", a gender neutral nickname generally approached as a parody to many abtly named comic superheroes although Senki has stated that it's a small tribute to one of her childhood idols, Megaman. Senki is most widely known for her strong words against stupidity and psuedo-randomness which she has dubbed "an insult to genuinely attempted humour". Along with being sorely responsible for the fall of the Soviet Union, she has also generously donated thirty thousand flesh eating slugs to charity. Not only has she accomplished all this, she also punched Britney Spears in the ovaries for no reason other than she was bored.

What's next for the Snekiman? Well Rumour has it that Senki may make a guest apperance with her good friend, Kikkoman (spokesman for the Soy Sauce franchise of the same name) on Saturday Night Live in the near future. Stay tuned.

Currently, the Snekiman is striving to become a propagandist. Unfortunately, to accomplish this she must start at the bottom, beginning with journalism. However, she does not mind as she knows she will achieve her goal in the next five minutes.

Senki would very much like a glass of water about now.

Senki likes to be modest about her achievements but on the other hand... she does not.

The Snekiman has achieved the following:

- World Domination
- Playing matchmaker between Hermann Goering and Heinrich Himmler; They are currently in a very happy relationship
- Winning ten dollars in five cent pieces from her schoolfriends
- Making small children cry by kicking their ass in Pokemon Cards
- Stealing Ringo Starr's rings
- Kicking her sworn enemy, George Bush in the manberries
- Slept
- Cheated on an IQ test: and failed
- Ate a WHOLE cake at a childrens birthday party
- Shot John Lennon AND Kennedy.

Senki does not play favourites - she has mild disdain for all.

Username:senki (user #164772)
Interests:(17) 4chan, adolf galland, being a bitch, burnt face man, crossdressing, cryptozoology, death, heinrich himmler, hermann goering, much obscure stuff, occult, oscar wilde, parapsychology, slash, SS, tea, the third reich
Last Login:Monday, April 23, 2007
Created:2006-04-11 22:07:43
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:Grad School

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