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Self Overview:
Su, I'm Rudie, Not my real name. Stole it from the Clash's 'Rudie Can't Fail'.
:B is cute.
I like freaky earrings. They're fun.
I'm not freaking emo.
I'm not goth.
I'm most certainly not a hippie.
I dunno what the hell I am.
So, Camaron, you can go die now.

•Meet all the awesome bands out there.
•Visit the graves of Jim •Morrison, Ian Curtis, and Bon Scott.
•Pass math class.

•A boyfriend.♥
•To bleach & dye my hair blue.
Marry Meet Davey Havok or Gerard Way.


Username:screwwge (user #180760)
Interests:(44) Anime, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, art, beanies, being a geek, belts, Converse, dark colors, david bowie, DC's, duct tape, duran duran, earrings, freaky stuff, gay guys, Gerard way, Guitar Hero, hot wheels, jake gyllenhaal, mikey way, movies, music, neon colors, nirvana, PETA, piczo, reading, robots, sanrio, scaring people, SHOES, Singstar, soda, taping things with duct tape...,mountain dew MDX, the clash, the cure, the Gay God, the sims, those robosapiens, trucks, Vans, video games, working on cars, writing
Last Login:Sunday, April 8, 2007
Created:2006-06-26 01:04:45
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:No Answer

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