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Self Overview:
My name is Christi. I like ponies and rainbows and .50-cal ammo.

I ride racehorses. Every day I wake up at three in the morning to go to the racetrack and do what I love. All I ask is that I go home alive and in one piece.

Despite the inherent danger involved in my daily life, I have never once been seriously injured because of a horse or broken a bone.

I would actually rather land in dirt than Polytrack. It tastes less horrible.

I secretly hate weight allowances.

I have a horse that I call Patton, because he is a very distinguished, brave, and tank-like creature. I love him dearly.

"Full Metal Jacket" and "Inglourious Basterds" are my idea of romantic date movies. I never said I was a typical girl.

I never learned how to act like a girl. I grew up with only boys for friends, so I learned how to act and think like a boy. This is probably why I don't get along with other girls very easily.

I am a self-proclaimed bubble tea connoisseur and addict. I need a honeydew bubble tea with green apple jellies at least once a week or I go crazy and have withdrawal symptoms.

Living in Portland and all, my mantra on the road is (logically) 'Washington driver, no survivor.' But I save my REAL road rage (and there is a lot of it!) for Californians. Seriously, get the hell off the road.

I have caught myself clucking to my car to make it go faster, and pulling on the steering wheel to slow it down. I even smacked the side of my friend's Jeep with my whip once because he was going too slow. Racing has officially overtaken my life.

I have a love-hate relationship with my hometown. There are a lot of things that I honestly hate about Portland, but at the same time, there's a lot to love. I just moved back here, and right now, I'm somewhere in between loving and hating this city.

I am half Polish, and speak several languages, none of which I am particularly skilled at. My favorite is German, and Polish is a close second.

skarżyć-fest: (in which I skarżyć about things I dislike):
I am genuinely appalled by my generation. I despise the recent and extremely widespread commercialization of intangible things like peace, love, hope, etc., and of certain politicians. It's enough to make even Starbucks and Nike blush. Cliches bore me. I hate it when people say "music is my life" or "____ is love/____=love." Other girls have a frightening tendency to drive me up the proverbial wall. Especially the ones with "live laugh love" all over their Facebook profiles. I abhor stoner culture and people that don't know when to admit that they don't know as much as they think they do. I also hate how my favorite doughnut shop, while still delicious, is now a tourist trap. Nicholasville Road was Lexington's worst idea EVER. I speak five languages other than English, and I absolutely despise two of them.

I would say just ask if you want to know more, but people never seem to do that.

Break the win record.
Set a track record.
Win the Kentucky Derby.
Win the Triple Crown.
Win a Breeders' Cup race.
Win the Dubai World Cup.
Be leading rider at a race meet.
Win an Eclipse Award.
Become a Hall of Fame jockey.
Ride a truly great racehorse.

To turn the turf track at Lanark into my private training track!
An Equicizer.
Smaller boobs.
A way to make bubble tea at home.

Fitting in a dryer.
Riding my first racehorse.
Rehabilitated and re-trained a rescue horse at age 16.
Was able to learn from a former Eclipse Award-winning jockey.
Learned to make my own whips.
Keeping a painfully clean shed row.
Getting my thoroughbred license in three different states.
Earning championships in dressage and show jumping.
Still unable to operate a vehicle legally at age nineteen!

Black Flag.
Choking Victim.
Yellow Woodpecker.
Stanley Kubrick.
Full Metal Jacket.
German shepherds.
Portland Meadows.
Silver Charm.
Smarty Jones.
Light blue.
Boston Red Sox.
Dirt Doughnut.
Oreo anything.

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I drink:Sometimes
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Education:Some College

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