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I am: *A very hyperactive person. *Obsessed with dark chocolate. *Super heroes are MY LIFE, and so the sci-fi. *I'm brunette, but I always wanted being born as a ginger. Much more suits for my energetic persona I am! *I don't fear ANYTHING. Be shocked, but I found out I CAN'T fear at all. *I don't believe god and who is, just give up already!! Bible is just a nonesence that premitive humans half-invented half-based about what they saw. THAT IS ALL. don't become like that too. Hypnotizing, I know, but get out of it!!!!

*A boyfriend ! Just to know how it feels !! All my friends were already in a relationship ... -jealous- *Hanging with boys, means as friends. I think they will like my special (and a bit boyish) hobbies MORE than the girls like now . *Graduating school with a 90+ grade average ! ! ! *Working as an agent of the Mossad or in a very interesting unusual job, and being an anateur poet\writer in my spare time .

*4 exelence certificates (and more on the way...I will try) *Crossing my mental crisis from the 5th-6th grade successfully . *Having my first best friend Nikko (not as everybody else, I haven't have almost friends, and sure not a BFF until I've graduated 9th grade) , *Becoming an out-going adventurous person from a shady-lady .

*THE FLASH ! He is the COOLEST superhero E V E R ! ! *Doctor who rocks. NO extrominate, please. *Professor X. GROOVY MUTATION!! (even I know Mc'cavoy is saying it only in the XMFC movie.) *MARVEL COMICS. *Y-The last man. *Batman, the 2nd coolest superhero after flash! with the Robins, of course (Dick is my favorite one.) *ANIME SERIES and mangas (I've only started with mangas now...)

Username:ronieitan (user #344972)
Interests:(4) *Reading (comic books AND regular books, action, almost all of them about fantasy and sci-fi or historic events). *Dancing and singing (usually it comes together). *Exploring any kind of random topic.... I'm a curious girl. *EXTREME!!! but my parents are problem- they have so many problems with actio, suspence and (of course) sci-fi movies. HATE romantic comedies.
Last Login:Saturday, August 22, 2015
Created:2012-07-25 08:15:57
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:Middle Eastern
Body Type:Average
Education:In High School

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