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Self Overview:
i'm mostly a person who loves to have fun, likes to do crazy shit, go to parties, hang out with my best friends, and i love revenge, theres nothing sweeter. i love sports...mostly the ones you get hurt in. football is number one. i love the raiders. baseball is two, i love the red sox. i love wrecking peoples property when they're out of town. i have a list...lol. i'm good in school...except for my attitude and my mouth. i'm vegen, cuz i'm against animal cruelty. (i'll keep adding later)

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you are absolutely perfect. your boyfriend means the world to you, and your determined to keep him forever. your doing a great job, keep it up :)

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Life is Random...ask questions
Ocean or Lake?lake
Pizza or Chinese?chinese
Mansion or Penthouse?penthouse
Have you been on a Jet Ski?yes
Are you afraid of clowns?nope...but kandy is...
How many brothers/sisters do you have?3 bros no sis
Favorite band/group?idk...i have too many...
Baseball or football?football
Favorite brand of makeup?anti-flare, cuz they don't test it on animals
Waffles or pancakes?neither
Do you have an IPod?yeah 2
Bike or scooter?bike
Ever go in a hot air balloon?yes, on a date
How will you celebrate turning 21?veges....
What brand computer do you have?HP and dell
How many times have you been to DisneyWorld?2....sucked...
Favorite city?nyc
Ice cream or frozen yogurt?none
Do you think you are fat?more like too skiny
Ever throw up in a public place?is a party a public place??
Do you have a pool?yeah...i think its a pool...
Ever drive a car?yeah....and something alway break off the car
How many times a month do you go to the movies?4
Last movie you saw?cronicles of narnia...its ok.
Who is your hero?che'
How old are your parents?umm...
What deceased person would you like to meet?too many
Do you chew ice?uhhh...no..i don't think so...
Have you been to California?i live there
Last book you read?"Who Killed My Daughter?"
Favorite teacher?mr.valdivia
Do you like to go fishing?no...
How many boyfirends/girlfriends have you had?wouldn't you'd like know...
How many of those do you regret?9
What is you average in school?umm....lol, not very good i guess
Favorite professional team?red sox
Do you like mohawks?on guys...yes
How many pairs of shoes do you own?6...7...idk
Do you floss?yes
Do you have braces?no
Do you bite your nails?lol, yeah
What is your last thought before falling asleep?"whats tomorrow??...oh yeah.."
Do you fall in love easily?nope...kinda hard to find ppl who are worth it
Ever have a crush and they never knew?yup
Do you babysit?use to
Ever been shot at?too many times
Do you work out/exercise?yup
Do you have 6 pack abs?nope
Do you consider yourself nice?sometimes
What movie character would you like to be?d>
Ever been shot at?too many times
Do you work out/exercise?yup
Do you have 6 pack abs?nope
Do you consider yourself nice?sometimes
What movie character would you like to be?angelina jolie
Do you go to camp for the summer?use to
Ever been bit by a snake?yeah, my own snake bit me, i guess she was hungry
Have you been on a boat?yeah, on a date
Name of friend you have known the longest?andy
Do you like jumping on a trampoline?i wouldn't know
Ever break a bone?yup...too many
Name of favorite Aunt/Uncle?umm....i on't like any...they piss me off
What is your ultimate job?homicide investigator
Do you want to walk on the moon?what for?
Can you name the seven dwarfs?umm...dopey...ummm...no.
Favorite TV show?HOUSE & BONES
Apples or oranges?both
Favorite model of car?camero...so so smooth
Favorite flower?roses
Favorite color?black & white
Besides family, ever have someone of the opp sex in your bedroom?its like museum to them
Ever climb out your bedroom window?yup
Do you live in an apartment or house?both
How many times in the last month have you had the hiccups?none
Ever laugh so hard milk came out your nose?nope
How many cousins do you have?too many
Do you believe in ghosts?ofcourse
If you were a bird, what would you be?pigon...don't ask
Ever get stitches?yup...all the time
If you could, would you want to know what your future was going to be?nope...what for?
How many kids do you want to have?none
If you could change your name, what would it be?wouldn't change it
Dogs or cats?both
Who do you tell your problems to?beatz, andy, kandy, mr.v
Who can your tell your secrets to and know they wont tell?beatz, andy, kandy, mr.v
Do you believe in love at first sight?nope
Do you go to church?nope
Would you marry outside your religon?what religon?
Volleyball or tennis?neither, theres no suspence
How many people were at your last party?60, or more
Ever ride in a limo?yup, fun shit
Ever drink champagne?yeah...it should be illegal, taste bad, not strong either
Favorite dinner?anything vegen

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Bad Boy
you love em' w/ a little edge, don't ya! Hop on a motorcycle and ride till ya die w/ ya parter.Your parter is a crazy ass mofo. if i were you I would have the cops on speed dial. (for you safety)

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Current Location:LA
Eye Color:brown
Hair Color:brunette
Height:tall, like 5 feet
Right Handed or Left Handed:right
Your Heritage:chicana
The Shoes You Wore Today:boots
Your Weakness:time
Your Fears:dying alone
Your Perfect Pizza:vegetarian pizza
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:stop drinking
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:nvm/nothing/fine/brb
Thoughts First Waking Up:"...5 more minutes..."
Your Best Physical Feature:....
Your Bedtime:no limit
Your Most Missed Memory:7th grade...good times
Pepsi or Coke:none
MacDonalds or Burger King:none
Single or Group Dates:both
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:none
Chocolate or Vanilla:vanilla
Cappuccino or Coffee:none
Do you Smoke:yup
Do you Swear:fuck yeah
Do you Sing:yup
Do you Shower Daily:hell yes
Have you Been in Love:yup, twice, and right now, so 3 times
Do you want to go to College:...good question...
Do you want to get Married:not at all
Do you belive in yourself:at times, when i feel like it
Do you get Motion Sickness:no
Do you think you are Attractive:no
Are you a Health Freak:no
Do you get along with your Parents:no
Do you like Thunderstorms:yeah
Do you play an Instrument:yeah, guitar
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:nope
In the past month have you Smoked:yup...right now
In the past month have you been on Drugs:nope
In the past month have you gone on a Date:nope
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:nope
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:eww...no
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:nope
In the past month have you been on Stage:in 2005...december
In the past month have you been Dumped:nope
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:not ill wensday
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:nope
Ever been Drunk:yup
Ever been called a Tease:nope
Ever been Beaten up:nope
Ever Shoplifted:nope
How do you want to Die:painfully and slowly with the one i love next to me
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:homicide investigator
What country would you most like to Visit:japan
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color:blue
Favourite Hair Color:black
Short or Long Hair:short
Height:taler than me
Weight:don't care
Best Clothing Style:nohing ghetto
Number of Drugs I have taken:2
Number of CDs I own:don't matter
Number of Piercings:not important
Number of Tattoos:not important
Number of things in my Past I Regret:if its lying your screwed...

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What High School Stereotype Are You?

Typical stoner. You love the reefer, and never really remember anything else. in fact you're porbably not even paying attention to this you idiot.

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I just want to get school over with and thats it.

i guess my goal is to meet someones who caring and sweet. i'm mostly into guys with black hair and blue eyes. i'm ok with a skinny guy or chubby, don't really care, not something that bothers me at all. i like tall guys, they have to be taller than me. or atleast close to my size, lol. i love guys who are smart. i guess brains turn me on. shyness is sometimes cute and spontanious, but i prefer a guy who isn't. i like ccrazy rebels, thats the kinda guy that i need. but i mean a curious minds a big importance to me for some reason. another thing that attracts me to a guys how romantic and passionate he is...and how sarcastic he is too. looks i don't care about (just the height i guess) but what i really like is personality. its the only thing you really see...

I havn't really accomplished anything I wanted to...so lets just leave it like that...ok?

i love metal, rock, goth, and a lil bit of punk (PUNK ISN'T DEAD!). some band i like: seether, pink floyd, rob zombie, aerosmith, slipknot, rage against the machine, led zeppelin, metallica, mudvayne, quirt riot, mcr, tac, sex pistols, the voids, yeah yeah yeahs, the distillers, taking back sunday, weezer, sound garden, iron maiden, kiss, the wallflowers, the cranberries, ac/dc, aerosmith, red hot chili peppers, hot hot heat, green day (old green day), queen, qeensyrche, ramones, janes addiction, korn (old korn), A.F.I., the white stripes, judis priest, mr.big, oasis, veruca salt, all american regects, dishwalla, semisonic, tonic, sum 41 (old sum 41), deftones, rancid, sugarcult, the subways, filter, the offspring, black sabbath, acustic, stone temple pilots, cake, incubus, chevelle, audioslave, distorbed, and a lot more....... i like scary movies and funny movies. i usually use to stay home with my b/f and watch movis all night...not anymore. these r some of my all-time favorite: the bone collector, jackass the movie, heart breakers, windtalkers, scare face, beavus and butthead (ALL), and some others, i can't remember the name. don't really watch t.v. but when i do i watch my two all-time favorite shows...the simpsons, that 70's show, House, Bones...and i think Veronic Mars. i love to read and write. i'm into poetry books and chapter books mostly about mystery and love. my favorite book has to be the adventures of sherlock holmes."

Username:punkerdoll (user #143836)
Interests:(21) 2024
Die of
, and most importantly, animal entertainment, fighting (cat fights), fur, gambling, getting wasted (not no more), giving people advice, going to parties, hanging out with crazy people, i love going to paintball cages, i love things that get you scared or freaked ot or make ya laugh till ya piss yourself. meeting new people, messing with people during class, my interest include....getting into trouble, pissing people off, playing in my B, protesting (against animal cruelty), proving people wrong, revenge
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Created:2006-01-19 21:34:39
I smoke:Sometimes
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:Latino or Hispanic
Body Type:Petite
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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