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I like koalas.

I aspire to be a human.

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Interests:(104) a brief history of time, activism, al jezeera, albert einstien, aliens, amazing screw-on head, anarchy, animal rights, asia, aspca, bbc, bbc-usa, biography, blizzcon, blood money, bob marley, books, boredom, brit comedy, cancer, cats, cheap hotels, civil rights, coffee, college, comedy, comicon, comics, communism, compromise., conspiracy theory, conventions, cosplay, crosswords, darwinism, democracy, digital devil saga, documentary, dogs, driving cross country, ecotourism. , edgar wright, education, elitism, europe, film making, film noire, fine dining, fine wine, flying, fps, freedom, glass blowing, harry potter, history, human rights, hypocricy, israel, jewish voice for peace, john stewart, journalism, knowledge is power, larp, life debate, mike mignola, mmorpg, morals, music, nick frost, nippon ichii, orc warrior, personal, politics, reading, revolution, richard dawkins, right to life, roadtrips, role playing, sarcasm, serial murder, shin megami tensei games, sigorney weaver, simon pegg, slacker, smoking, social drinking, socialism, spaced, steven hawking, surgery, sushi, tea, the fed, thomas harris, travel, ufo, vegan, video games, volunteer work, world of warcraft, writting, wyclef jean, zeitgiest
Last Login:Monday, September 19, 2011
Created:2011-09-14 03:38:27
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite

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