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Well, hey there. I'm Kathleen as you know. I'm seventeen, and I'm a southern girl. I'm a writer. I also love reading, singing, dancing, and acting. I also also love cowboys, Phantom of the Opera, classic Disney, Nickelodeon from the '90s, Gerard Butler, southern/British/Australian accents, talking to people online, boys, kissing, sexual innuendos, and taking quizzes. The end.

Right now, to get a good score on the ACT and get scholarships for college, and I want to get something published (I've finished a book... just need to do tha whole editor-finding crap). And? Graduating without bawling would be good, too. I'm a crier. What can I say?

I WANT Gerard Butler. Really, really badly. Heh. I also want some confidence and prettiness about me. Aaaand... TO BE QUEEN OF THE WORLD! Ahem. Yeah.

Won NaNoWriMo, am currently sixth in my class... oh? And? I'm alive. Yay!

Favorite what? Favorite movies? Let's see... Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, A Walk to Remember, Dirty Dancing, Grease (along with any other Disney classic, most musicals, most chick flicks, and anything starring Gerard Butler - except for Shooters; that just sucked). Favorite music? I like a little of everything... 'cept for rap/Hip-Hop/R&B... honestly, what's the difference between those three? Geez. Um, I love country in general, and any songs from movies/TV, love jazzy-ish stuff, love Caleb Kane, am slowly becoming a Muse fan - SLOWLY - and... yeah. I still like bubblegum pop. I tell ya, I'm a '90s kid. Gosh. Anyway. Favorite TV shows? Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Degrassi, Zoey 101, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Lost, Veronica Mars, Angel, and Smallville. Favorite books? (I promise I'll stop after this =p) The Harry Potter series, the Left Behind series, anything by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes or Jane Austen, Gone With the Wind, the Agony of Alice series, the Sabriel trilogy, Pita-Ten, anything about the Holocaust, Civil War, or WWII, The Princess Bride, Eragon... yeah. I'll stop now. XD

Username:phantomxphanatic (user #126505)
Interests:(133) A Walk to Remember, acting, Advent Children, All that Jazz, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, and yogurt. ... Alphabetically!, anklets, anything Disney, apples, astrology, astronomy, babies, bandanas, being innocent, being picky, belt buckles, Beta Convention, blowing bubbles, breathing, brown hair, cats,, cherries, Chicago the movie, chocolate, Christmas carols, Cold Mountain, comedy, country accents, cowboy hats, cowboys, curly hair, debates, descriptive words, Dirty Dancing, drawing, dreaming, english accents, family, fanfictions, figurines, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, flared jeans, flirting, freshly-shaved-legs, George Strait, Gerard Butler, goblets, God, Grease, grilled cheese, handjive, Harry Potter, hazel eyes, heterosexuals, hippies, hypnotism, icons, instant messaging, Jane Austen books, Kadaj, Kingdom Hearts, kissing, KITTY CLAWS brand kitty claws, Koolerz gum, laughing, Left Behind, lightning bolts, line dancing, Lord of the Rings, lounging around, Mandy Moore, meaningful lyrics, MS Works, music boxes, mythology, NaNoWriMo, online buddies, origami, painting, paper mache, Phantom of the Opera, poetry, porcelion dolls, potato shoes, Pride and Prejudice, primping, privacy, psychoanalysis, puppies, purple shortbed trucks, pyromanics, quesadillas, rain, romance, saving pictures, scented candles, secrets, sensitivity, sexual innuendo, sexy phantoms, Shrek, singing, sleeping, smiling, snooping in friend's livejournals, speaking my mind, special features on DVDs, stars, suspense, swimming, talking, talking to myself, tanning, teaching, the Cha Cha Slide, the color purple, the fifties, the jitterbug, The Notebook, the seventies, the word 'quixotic', thunder, tie-dyed shirts, tight jeans, tootsie pops, torch cutting, tunnels of love, virginity, welding, word wars, writing
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Created:2005-11-10 21:27:55
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Extra Pounds
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships

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