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Interests:(298) 3OH!3, Abercrombie & Fitch, Adam Young, Adult Swim, alcohol, Aldous Huxley, Alexander Skarsgard, American Apparel, American Eagle Furniture, American Eagle Outfitters, Ancient Roman history, animal-hats, Anthony Green, antiques, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Arctic Monkeys, astronomy, attempting to climb palm trees, aviation, baking, Bananagrams, Basshunter, BDG, beach, Betsey Johnson, Big Brother, black & gold, Bloc Party, blogging, Blur, Boardwalk Empire, boardwalks, Bob Dylan, bonfires, Breathe Carolina, Burton, Butthole Surfers, C&C California, C.S. Lewis, Cady Groves, caffeine, caffeine, cake batter, candycanes, carnivals, Cassette Society, Chanel, Charlaine Harris, charm bracelets, Christofer Drew Ingle, Chuck Klosterman, Coach, Coal hats, CocoRosie, Colombia, concerts, Conor Oberst, Coogi, Cooperative hats, Coraline, Craig Owens, creme cheese, crutches, cupcakes, Current/Elliot, cursing, Dallas Green, Damien Rice, David Spade, Diesel, disco balls, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Dooney & Bourke, Dr. Martins, Dre's Beatz, driftwood, drive-ins, DuWop, eatmewhileimhot!, Ebury Press, Ed Hardy, Ellie Goulding, Erik J. Berg, Esprit, Estonia, exchanging body heart [♥], Explosions in the Sky, fashion, Fionn Regan, fire, fire in general, fireplaces, fireworks, flannel shirts, flirting, Florida, Fossil, Frank Sinatra, FredFlare, Free People, Gator Joe's, geometrical designs, giggling, glitter, Go Periscope, Guess, gummy bears, gymnastics, Hang Ten, Harajuku Lovers, Haute Hippie, Haviannas, hemp jewelry, history, holding hands, hoodies, horror movies, horseback riding, HTML, hugs, hurricanes, inside jokes, interior design, internet, irony, Isles & Glaciers, Jacob Pitts, Jager & Coke, Jeffrey Campbell, jeggings, Jen Lobo, John Lennon, Johnny's Dock, Jonny Craig, jump-ropes, Kara Ross, Kate Spade, kayaking, Kigurumi, Kings of Leon, labels, Lady GaGa, languages, Las Vegas, Last.FM, Latin, laughing, leggings, lemurs, Libba Bray, lightning bolts, literature, log-cabins, Lost, Louis Lowry, love, lyrics, Madewell, makeup, making out, manatees, mannequins, Marijuana, Mark Rydan, marshmallow fluff, Max Theriot, MGMT, mini-planetariums, music, my boyfriend [♥], mYb, nail-art, Neon Trees, neutrals, New Zealand, Nicholas Sparks, Nutella, NYC, Oasis, Owl City, oxfords, Palladium, Panera's, parodies, parties, patchwork quilts, Paul & Joe, peace signs, peppermint-flavored candy, petting zoos, piggyback rides, PINK, Pixar & Disney movies, play wrestling, play-fights, Pleasure Doing Business, plush, Plushgun, Polaroids, pop culture references, Pour La Victoire, Preen, pregnant male seahorses, Protest the Hero, proverbs, PRPS, Queen, Quiksilver, Ratatat, raves, Ray-Ban, records, religious studies, Rise Against, roadtrips, Romance on a Rocketship, Roxy, Russell Brand, Russian liquor, Ryan Berkley, Said the Whale, sailing, saltwater pools, Sara Happ, scorpion vodka, seaglass, Sean Lennon, Shakespeare, shopping, silicone armbands, Skelanimals, ski-lifts, skiing, skinny jeans, skinnydipping, skramz bands, Sky Sailing, Sleeping at Last, sleeping in, smores, snowboarding, snuggling, sockmonkey, soundtracks, sour gummy octopuses, spider-monkeys, Starbucks, Staring at Stars, Stefan Abingdon, stick-bugs, stilts, Stuart Weitzman, surveys, sweatpants, Sweden, swimming, Swimming with Dolphins, T. Mills, taking pictures, tanning, techno, texting, Thakoon, The Black Keys, The Costume Department, The History Channel, The Midnight Beast, The Real World, the sun, the winter, TheOnion, thunderstorms, Tim Burton, Toms, Tool, travel, Travie McCoy, True Blood, Tumblr, turntables, UGGs, Ugly-Dolls, Union Jack, Urban Outfitters, vanilla+halzenut extract, vintage, vintage jewelry, volleyball, wakeboarding, Warped Tour, waterparks, white water rafting, Wii-Fit, wild-honey, Wildfox Couture, winter fashion, Woolrich, XOXO
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Created:2010-05-30 20:28:40

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