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im erica! i like industrial music and trent reznor is my musical god! im a pretty outgoing chick with no ego so im always very open and opinionated when you first meet me.... i love to relax and just be... ya know?! ... enjoy the feeling of exhisting.... i find this activity most enjoyable with friends.. i love reading ... especially about the occult.... i only believe in some of it though.... i like to DANCE!!!! i love going out to a great concert at the masquerade or the local alternative club "the Castle" and just shagging ass hardcore!!!!! >.< .. it makes me feel like a lust magnet... and i love to be desired and i love all things sexual and so that is probably why i like dancing so much ....lol..... i have just realized how often i fall victim to vanity... haha oh well.... who doesnt?! everyone wants to be the one who turns head wherever they go.... well im just here looking for new people to talk to or hang out with or what have you.... so leave me a message whydontya!! ^.^

USF,to be a fetish/alternative fashion model, stabilize my mostly rocky relationship with garrett my love, become a better artist, grow an inch or two before i stop growing (how might i accomplish this?.... anybody?), see all of Japan and travel all over Europe beore i ever get tied down with kids.... >.< stupid kids, not end up alone or an "old maid".....

LOVE ETERNAL i want chocolate too....... sex, to be a succubus when i die, not burn in hell, Garrett, ture friends, to be a model, to be somewhat famous, to make awesome music, a really good massage, to get out of my mothers house, to make shitloads of money being a stripper ^.~, to be immortal

hmmm... im a talented dancer... i've won awards for it...... oh i cant think of anything else.... how sad! im a loser! >.<

food- chinese and taquitoes chocolate MUSIC- VNV Nation, NIN, NOCTUNRE, MSI, Combichrist DRINKS- EVERCLEAR and water PERSON other than myelf- Garrett Reeves ARTIST- CyrusTrivin rainy days.... the sun is an asshole!! >.< night time, winter time HOLIDAY-Haloween EYEWEAR - my peeemp cybergoggles DRESS STYLE- Lolita goth

Username:oblueeyedsorrowo (user #122086)
Interests:(16) art, bdsm, food, guitars, Japanese culture, music thatdoesnt blow, people, philosophy, pony play, religion, science, sex, technology!!!!!, the human body, the occuilt, vampires
Last Login:Saturday, October 22, 2005
Created:2005-10-22 15:03:00
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Body Type:Athletic
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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