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hey, i'm Lorena. im 13 and 11 months:) i have many friends who of cousre i love very dearly...they are my everything!! i love to party. you'll probably think i'm stuck up when we first meet, but im just shy. i cant say some words, i'm a sucker for sweet talkers, i love my flip flops & polos, my shorts short, & if it ain't short, i ain't wearing it :D i hate spiders, clowns,& being alone. i love sleeping in, party nights, movie nights, park days,& my family:) i have a decent sense of humor & a heart made of gold; i have so much love to give that sometimes i feel like i'm going to explode. i will always listen to all of your problems; even if i do interrupt a zillion times. i get confused really easily & i'm very shy. i carry huge purses with my whole entire life inside; i like waking up to cute texts even when i'm too lazy to reply. i hate it more than anything when people assume what i'm like when they know nothing about me. get to know me before you judge me:) i'm serious when i say you won't ever find another girl like me.

Username:loreenaaa (user #331302)
Interests:(119) hats, making braclets, mascara, polos, sunglasses, & walks, acting wild, air hockey, all nighters, art, babies, baby oil, baby pictures, baby puppy, baby whips, baking cookies, bathing suits, beach, being myself, big purses, big puzzels, big slides, boats, boys, bright colors, britney spears, camera, candles, chapstick, cheetah print, coloring, cookie cake, credit cards, cuddling, dad (sometimes), dancing, DDR, decorating things, dos, dress shopping, dresses, eating, facebook, fairs, finger nail polish, fireworks, flipp flopps, football, four wheelers, giraffe print, glitter, going bouncy bouncy on tennis courts, headbands, high heels, hoodies, hugs, IMing, ipod, jewelry, kisses, kool-aid, lake, lil wayne, lipgloss, long basketball shorts, loves; friends, make-up, making stupid videos, mom, movies, music, myspace, need for speed, nikes, one life to live, painting, panties, parties, phone, pictures, pingpong, playing in the rain, red, ridding in the car, sad movies, scary movies, screaming, shopping, short shorts, singing outloud while swinging, skateboards, sleeping in, slip-n-sliding, smiley faces, snow skiiing, snow tubbing, softball, sour patch kidds, sportsbra, stress away lotion, summer nights, swimming, swimming at night, t-shirts, tank tops, tanning, texting, thunder, video games, watching kids, watching nick play video games, watching the stars, water, water balloons, water tubbing, wave pools, when my sisters in a good mood, wishes, yellow
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Created:2009-07-29 17:58:36
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