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I'm not what you¡¯d expect, and I'm everything you think I am. I'm a go getter kind or girl. I'll go after what I want and if I turn heads doing it so be it; your judgmental eyes don't mean anything to me. I'm a walking contradiction, a hypocrite at its true form. I fall a lot but that doesn't mean that I don't pick myself up. I'll defend myself if you're pushing me down and fight back if you swing the first punch. I can be the best person you'll ever know and I might change your life forever. I'm either be your friend or your enemy never will the two blend with one another. I'm no fake; I give it to you as it is and if that's not how you like your life fed to you go find someone else who will spoon feed lies to you. We are all animals; we are all put on this earth to survive in a system of corrupted morals and senseless violence, narcotic pleasures and lustful intentions. Judge me and I'll write you off. Call me weak, you think you know. To you I am weak, your refusal to look deeper. Death doesn't scare me, only the road that will take me there.

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