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Self Overview:
Name: Lindsay Birthdate: July 5 Birthplace: Chesapeake VA Current Location: Williamsburg VA Eye Color: brown Hair Color: red Height: 5'7" Weight: 150 - but i dont look nearly that much Piercings: one in each ear Tatoos: none yet Overused Phraze: because you're cool FAVORITES Food: mexican Candy: willy wonka style - all of it Number: 13 Color: black, silver, purple Animal: orangutan Drink: dr pepper Alcohol Drink: uhm... smirnoff V orange Bagel: plain Letter: X Body Part on Opposite sex: lips or neck This or That Pepsi or Coke: dr pepper McDonalds or BurgerKing: taco bell or sub way Strawberry or Watermelon: cherry Hot tea or Ice tea: iced Chocolate or Vanilla both Hot Chocolate or Coffee: hot chocolate Kiss or Hug: kiss Dog or Cat: cat Rap or Punk: punk Summer or Winter: fall Scary Movies or Funny Movies: scary Love or Money: love YOUR... Bedtime: my what? Most Missed Memory: homecoming 2004 Best physical feature: hair First Thought Waking Up: what time is it? Goal for this year: lose 10 lbs eventually Best Friends: jessi and muffin Weakness: patrick f reynolds Fears: lady bugs, being picked up, and that everything i stand for and believe in is wrong Heritage: irish, scottish, british, seminole HAVE YOU... Ever Drank: yes Ever Smoked: no Pot: no Ever been Drunk: no Ever been beaten up: yes Ever beaten someone up: sort of not really Ever Skinny Dipped: yes IN A GUY/GIRL Favorite Eye Color: blue Favorite Hair Color: brown or dirty blonde Short or Long: longishly short Height: my height or taller Style: patrick Looks or Personality: patrick Hot or Cute cute Drugs and Alcohol: no drugs at all.... can drink except not around other girls if im not there Muscular or Really Skinny: i like my skinny boy RANDOMS Number of Regrets in the Past: there is no sense in regret What country do you want to Visit: spain How do you want to Die: murder Been to the Mall Lately: yes Do you like Thunderstorms: hell yes Get along with your Parents: never Health Freak: nope Do you think your Attractive: not at all Believe in Yourself: not really, but on occasion when i need to because no one else will Want to go to College: yes Do you Smoke: no Do you Drink: except for an occasional sip here or there no, Shower Daily: yes Been in Love: yes Do you Sing: yes Want to get Married: yes Do you want Children: yes Have your future kids names planned out: yes. scarlet frost and jackson alec Age you wanna lose your Virginity: i dunno Hate anyone: yes

Be a good person. Get good grades. Love and be loved. Stop being so scared. Learn who to trust and who not to.

To stay with Patrick for as long as possible. To manage my life and keep it balanced. To prepare myself for college. To have loads of fun.

Having Patrick. Maintaining a 3.5 GPA. Not killing anyone yet.

Favorite what? Movie: Edward Scissorhands, Ferris Beuler's Day Off Books: Harry Potter, stuff by Dan Brown Colors: Black, purple, silver Car: 1988 Ford F150 (light blue) Food: Mexican Hobbie: AIM, photography, drawing, photoshop

Username:kisseslikecorpses (user #127985)
Interests:(36) AIM, art, belly button rings in my ears, comfy pillows, concerts, cool hair, dancing, deep conversations, drawing, emo, gloves, graphic design, hershey's hugs, kisses in the rain, making my friends feel better, markers, mascara, music, oil pastels, paleness, Patrick, photography, photoshop, poptarts, rings, rocking out to my music, roses, sewing, sleep, snakes, straight hair, techno, toe socks, top hats, violets, volleyball
Last Login:Sunday, November 12, 2006
Created:2005-11-16 19:54:55
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:In High School
Religion:No Answer
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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