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I'm Nicole. I'm 14, and I stand at about 5'5". Yes, I am a chick with a mohawk. I don't care what people think about me. I don't like labels, and I don't belong to a "social group/clique." I dress, act, and talk however I damn well please. I smoke pot and cigarettes. I drink beer, and liquor. I'm probably everything you think I am, and oh so much more. ♥ I can be a bitch when I want to, and I don't have a problem admitting it. Music is my life. I hate G.W.B. Why? I don't agree with him or his ways. We don't need a 'War President.' We don't need a president that is more concerned about every other country. We need a president that is concerned about the U.S. But I don't like this Country much, either. I'm a highly opinionated person, and I don't care if you like me. I'm not here to impress you [much]. I burn bridges; I shatter stars. I learn from my mistakes and my past; I [try to] move on; I grow stronger. Some random things about me: → I put my feet on tables. → But refuse to have my elbows on the kitchen table. → I like candy. A lot. To the point where I'd take it from strangers, and probably crawl into their backseat if they told me they'd give me candy for it. (lol) → As far as I'm concerned; I have no religion. It's non-existant and not important. → I'll add more to this some other time. My friends mean a lot to me, and are most likely greater than you.

Your mom ♥

Absolutley nothing.

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton, Mohawks, Photography, Writing, Drawing, Plaid, Music, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Rain, Thunder

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Interests:(27) Darkness, Your mom (of course), Drawing, Eyeliner, Glitter, Glowsticks, Guitar, Hairdye, Holding Hands, Hugs, Kisses, LLAMAS, Making Out, Meeting new people, Mohawks, Music, Photography, Piercings, Plaid, Rain, Scars, Stripes, Tattoos, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Thunder, Tim Burton, Writing
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