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Heya. I'm Katilina, you know, I'm pretty young and that's why I spend time on websites such as this. I'm not very nice of a lady, but I am motivated in my own sneaky way. I use internet weblogs to vent! It is a common thing, I think?

I want to be happy, durh. I also need a higher-paying job. Anyone? Anyone? Ok and I'd like to get a nice job so I can buy a car and eventually get out of here. All in good time, folks. All in good time.

Pssh. They are the same as my goals. I want to be happy!! And loved, yes please. If anybody is bored and looking for someone to hang out with, gimmie a ring. Ring ring ring! If you can get a hold of me these days, we will have good times all around the country. I like good times and I like leaving my small town. I like that quite a lot.

I....made my own website when I was 7? Um. Geez. Ok let's see: I am drug free for you and me! I am not a murderer, yum. I am not dead either, yum! I am good with numbers? I have a lot of 90's pop-music knowledge. Ok that's the end of this depressing section.

Silver, classical, Les Miserables, A Clockwork Orange, trout, mints, internets, I don't like sports, math, Slint.

Username:katilina (user #11050)
Interests:(9) beethoven, bic velocity pens, internets, life, magnetic fields, maths, music, oranges, placebo
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