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Self Overview:
I'm 19, a student at Lancaster University. I study Biomedical Science. That's Medicine for people who hate people.
I'm a member of the Photography Society and the Boat Club. So when I'm not studying or partying (hahaha, like I do a lot of either...) I head out with my camera, or I write, or I train with the boaties, or I train on my own.
I love The Sims. =)

Get lots of letters after my name.
Die rich.

Oooooh, I don't know. A computer. Yeah. A decently working computer would be really, really nice.

10 A-plus grades and one A-grade in my GCSEs.
3 A's and a B at A-level
Been on stage several times, including performances of Bugsy Malone, Oliver! and Crazy For You, and 2 summer cabaret concerts.
Completed NaNoWriMo 3 years running

Username:karoras-spirit (user #1636)
Interests:(131) acoustic guitars, AIM, Akimiya Sakamoto, Alexis the cat, angels, apples, Aragorn, being alone, black, black and white photos, black hair, blue eyes, books, bouncing, bracelets, Bzoink, Bzoink chat, Bzoink forum, caffeine, cellos, Coca-Cola, colours, cookies, corsets, creative writing, creativity, cutting, dancing, drabbles, drawing, dressing up, eccentricity, Eli, Envy, eyeliner, fanfiction, fluff, fluffy things, foreign languages, gay literature, gems, glitter, glowing things, Gluttony, Greed, hair, Hei, high heels, homosexuality, humour, hyperness, ice, Inai, insanity, Inspector Javert, intelligent conversation, Irish dancing, Javert, Jess Brooks, Jesse the cat, Josh Brooks, Kalikai, KalInai, Karrie Brooks, Keri's voices, Keriana Williams, Keriluv, Les MisÚrables, long hair, Ludovico Einaudi, Lust, making clothes, Matchbox Twenty, Matt Letterman, meaningful lyrics, mechanical pencils, men in eyeliner, mental disorders, mental illness, my Voices, NaiKai, nail polish, nail varnish, NaNoWrimo, necklaces, night, nighttime, notepads, online journals, original fiction, paper, pens, piano, piano music, piercings, pretty boys, Pride, purple, rainbows, randomness, raspberries, reading, Rose Brooks, roses, rowing, safety pins, Sam Kind, scars, self-injury, Serin, shiny things, shounen-ai, silver, slash, Sloth, solitude, sparkles, stationery, sugar, suicide, sunsets, surveys, swirly skirts, talking to myself, the seven sins, white gold, Woohu, Wrath, writing, yaoi, Yashi Brooks
Last Login:Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Created:2003-11-27 12:06:12
Preference:No Answer
I smoke:Never
I drink:Regularly
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:In College

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