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++ so arieabellashai is the name, but you can call me ari, shai, rat, or arishai. anything is fine with me. i'm sixteen, and i drive the coolest car ever. i'm a christian and GOD is my life. i'm a cheerleader, and i have been for 11 years. and before you ask, it IS a sport, it requires dedication, time, and hardwork. my life is a storybook, and no matter the mountains i cross, or the bridges i burn, i WILL get my fairytale ending. i'm an abnormally strange girl. sushi is my favorite food, i trip over cracks in the sidewalk, and i'm a walking magnet that is attracted to the ground. i love for my friends and i try to do my best to be the best friend i can be. promises man the world to me, and if you break one, you will almost NEVER get another. i hand out second chances about as often as i hand out fifty dollar bills. there are things in my life that i've done that i never saw myself doing, and i dont regret them at all, i really truely have NO REGRETS. hugs are the best things in the world, so give me one. i love meetin new ppl, so be a friend.

+become a lawyer
+complete my "list"
+travel the world
+"drop down low" in a formal again
+dance my heart out
+see that monkey's fly with hot pink wings

+i've acomplished being me,what more is there to do?

book: telling christiana goodbye
movie: a walk to remember
color: yellow
food: chicken and sushi

Username:icheer-ifly13 (user #331741)
Interests:(11) beach, bzoink, cheerleading, chicken, dancing, facebook, myspace, singing, smiling, soccer, world travel
Last Login:Thursday, January 21, 2010
Created:2009-08-08 14:39:52
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Education:In High School

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