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Self Overview:
Hello! My name is Helen of the West, or simply Helen West. This is a pseudonym to protect the privacy and safety of my family; identity crimes are a real threat in this modern world, and many ancient cultures see the benefit of keeping our private name and public name separate. I am a passionate advocate for all aspects of personal health and safety. Gathering is a project to help others help themselves, devoted to researching every art, craft, science, and belief for their shared nuggets of wisdom. Disclaimer: I have no professional education or certification.

1: Gather basic information about Bzoink member demographics, including but not limited to: age, ethnicity, hobbies, interests, personal beliefs, and sexual identity. All information will be willingly provided by Bzoink members. 2: Gather information about Bzoink ownership, sponsors, or other affiliations. All information gathered will be public domain. 3: Survey and test Bzoink members on social, environmental, scientific, and religious knowledge. 4: Network with Bzoink members who may be interested in disaster preparedness, emergency medicine, everyday health, personal safety, sustainable living, or survival skills.

Although I, Helen of the West, have my own personal beliefs, I know these are only my beliefs. There is no right or wrong, good or evil, only cost and benefit. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. By researching and teaching emergency medicine, natural health, survival skills, and sustainable living, Gathering promotes harm reduction and self-sufficiency for people from all walks of life. The surveys on this Bzoink account will contribute to that research.

The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games, The Vampire Chronicles, The Dark Tower, The Bible, Firestarter, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, InuYasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Hermione Granger, Nymphadora Tonks, Katniss Everdeen, Keiko Yukimura, Shizuru Kuwabara, Yukina, Botan, Koto, Juri, Mukuro, Raizen, Kagome Higurashi, Kikyo, Sango, Kanna, Kagura, Naraku, Candy Claws, Sound Of Ceres, Maximum The Hormone, System Of A Down, Disturbed, The Doors, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Alice In Chains, Mad Season, Layne Staley, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Pat Benatar, Tina Turner, Rihanna, Shakira

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Interests:(57) Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Botany, Bushcraft, Camping, Chemistry, Climatology, Climbing, Cooking, Cosmology, Dyeing, Ecology, Electromagnetism, Epigenetics, Epistemology, Ethnobotany, Gastronomy, Genealogy, Genetics, Geochemistry, Geology, Hiking, History, Linguistics, Meteorology, Microbiology, Mycology, Neurochemistry, Neurology, Nutrition, Paleontology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Philosophy, Physics, Physiology, Pottery, Prehistory, Psychiatry, Psychology, Pyrotechnics, Reading, Research, Seismology, Sewing, Sexuality, Sociology, Swimming, Theology, Thermodynamics, Toxicology, Volcanology, Writing, Zoology
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