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i'd say i'm a pretty nice person. i like meeting new people, i'm outgoing...but i guess i can be shy at times as well. the only way you'll probably piss me off is by being too full of yourself. & ignorant people = a big fat no.

make it through university, that's what i'm aiming for right now.

love, respect, people to love me as much as i love them. appreciation...because not everyone appreciates what i do for them and it offends me sometimes. haha i sound like such a whiner, but i'm not!

student council in highschool..i did a lot of that stuff. i don't want to sound like i'm bragging so....

music - mae, tbs, brand new, dashboard confessional, mcr, relient k, p!atd, incubus, the used, emery, dallas green, coldplay, copeland, U2, gwen stefani etc. my best friends, shopping, sports, television, gilmore girls, lost, the oc, one tree hill, oprah. blogging, livejournal, xanga...uhhmm. yeah?

Username:heartsinmotion (user #123690)
Interests:(52) a walk to remember, acoustic guitar, acoustic lyrics, backstreet boys, blink 182, boxcar racer, brand new, brandon boyd, chocolate, chris carraba, coheed and cambria, cosmo, etnies, field hockey, finch, gilmore girls, grind, growing up gotti, gucci, hockey, hoodies, indie, jack's mannequin, jamison parker, jelly bellys, jimmy eat world, jolly ranchers, L.A.M.B., ligers, livejournal, lyrics, mae, megan mccafferty, msn, muchmusic, music, napoleon dynamite, oprah, sarah dessen, second helpings, shopping, sloppy firsts, something corporate, sports, swimming, taking back sunday, the notebook, the ocean, three days grace, tim burton, toronto maple leafs, trackpants
Last Login:Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Created:2005-10-29 19:07:04
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Athletic
Education:In College
Religion:No Answer
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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