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I'm Mina; I'm not quite sure who she is, or why she was put on this earth. I'm sure she has a purpose, and a meaning... and it certainly wasn't bzoink. But as I have lived with her for the past 17 years, I suppose it would be my duty to tell you about this complication. I'm a dork more than I am anything else;; I'm clumsy, I trip over everything, I often fall flat on my face, and I tend to embarass myself everytime I leave the house, or open my mouth. Actually, I'm quite strange- and neurotic, or even insane at times. I have my many quirks, and especially faults- and I embrace them, for they make me who I am. This is me, and I don't think I'd want it any other way.

graduating high school >> attending university >> graduating university >> stuff

your mom

a-c-c-o-m-p-l-i-s-h-m-e-n-t-s ?

MUSIC; alexisonfire, allister, amber pacific, anberlin, armor for sleep, a.thorn.for.every.heart, avenged sevenfold, the beatles, billy talent, the bled, bleeding through, bjork, boysnightout, caliban, the clash, comeback kid, copeland, cursive, darkest hour, dead poetic, death by stereo, deftones, the early november, eighteen visions, emery, evergreen terrace, fall out boy, fort minor, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, funeral for a friend, grey daze hawthrowne heights, hidden in plain view, the honorary title, hopesfall, the hurt process, janis joplin, killswitch engage, linkin park, mae, matchbook romance, mindless self indulgence, misery signals, motion city soundtrack, the movielife, murder by death, my american heart, my chemical romance, nine inch nails, a perfect circle, poison the well, protest the hero, queen, rammstein, rise against, roses are red, rufio, saosin, scars of tomorrow, senses fail, silverstein, spitafield, strata, strung out, stutterfly, system of a down, tool, tori amos, underoath, unearth, zao, etc

Username:glitterxvomit (user #27911)
Interests:(18) animal rights, art, brad delson, concerts, drawing, family/friends, history, linkin park, literature, music, painting, philosophy, politics, psychology, spirituality, symbology, writing, [foreign] cultures ;
Last Login:Friday, December 23, 2005
Created:2004-08-09 02:20:52
I smoke:Sometimes
I drink:Never
Body Type:Average
Children:They're great, but no thanks
Education:In High School

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