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Hello moto, I'm Kaytee. I am...16 and...I like to write...and...and I'm a decent young man. lol. Okay to the point, I guess: I'm kinda shy but have the best, funniest friends ever. We're called "Shvinkta," although Jehn and Dylan and I guess Louis are the real Shvinktas. Shvinkta includes Jehn, Dylan, Louis, Sean, me, Selena, and Nicole, mostly. We are very perverted and love to fap, except maybe Sean. Maybe I shouldn't be sharing that, but whatever. I'm sexually shameless, and I think it sucks hairy balls that society is so damn ugh against sex. It's a natural thing and we were given pleasure organs by nature for a REASON. As long as you're protected, go fuck all you want and don't give a damn what anyone thinks! Unless fucking doesn't make you happy. If you believe in abstinence, that's fine, but I don't and I don't appreciate being looked down upon for it. lol. Other things I guess I get excited about is abortion, for which I am pro-choice, and I am against animal experimentation? Mostly chimps though. And uh...Nicole is pretty excited about stem cell research and I agree that what the fuck, go research on them stem cells! I guess all this makes me liberal, although I don't much like politics. I'm an atheist, but I accept people who have religions or whatever. However, I am kinda intimidated by those crazy fundies, like the kind in "Jesus Camp." God damn that shit is scary. And uh...the only people whose opinion matter to me are my friends. I really truly genuintely am not bothered by other people's opinions. That means I can be slightly rude, and I say very shocking things. I am not a pedophile, but I joke about pedophilia, bestiality, rape, other such perversions, dead babies, fapping, and things others would be terrified to speak of. My motto is that if you take offense, you take things too personally and get the fuck over it! lol. I think society would label me as a nutter and maybe something's very wrong with me and my friends, but I personally feel like I'm in my right mind, I'm just shameless. My boyfriend is black. My friends make fun of me because I seem to love black people. Although truthfully, I couldn't ever date a black woman. Black men are sexy though, most of the time. "Once you go black, you never go back." However, ideally, Louis will be my only black man, but it might not happen that way since we're only in high school. Holy shit, how much have I typed?

I'm not very goal-oriented. You should see my GPA. Actually you shouldn't. I don't do shit for school cuz I really don't give a damn about it and dont' see how I'll need if I want to be a poor-ass writer living in a dump of an apartment in Brooklyn. That's seriously what I want. I would prefer being poor as fuck and happy than rich and miserable. You can probably be rich and happy, but people like me, who enjoy messes and get along better with poor people anyway, cannot. I wouldn't know what to do. Anyway, the goals I DO have include selling a bunch of genuinely good novels. Not awful commercial shit like Twilight and most teen novels (although Harry Potter was fucking awesome, except Rowling WAS kind of a sellout), but actually good stuff like "Alas, Babylon" or whatever. I like writing about nuclear war and the future and stuff. Kinda a mix of sci-fi and drama and romance, maybe. Ya know? No. Ideally, I'll go to Brooklyn College when I'm 19 and have already lived in New York for a year with my cousin Jatziri and don't have to pay out of state tuition. So yeah. As for shit further down the line, like marriage, damn I can hardly stand the idea. I do want kids though. I love the idea of adoption. It's the greatest thing you could do.

Not much. Just a nice laptop, Sims 3, a cool camera and...eventually, great sex. Intimate kind with someone I love, not shitty stranger kind. lol I'm monogamous.

Scholarly, I haven't accomplished much. I'm a D honor roll student. Congratulations! Oh, but I have an F in physics. I'm not stupid though; I'm probably just as smart as the other kids at my nerdy school, maybe smarter. Just way lazy. Street smarts-wise, I seem to be way beyond everyone else. Really. Other people seem so freaking naive about everything. My friends are generally pretty smart when it comes to streets and common sense and all that, and some are good at BOTH. Like Dylan. When it comes to life and living and taking care of myself (mentally...physically, I eat like a pig and am too lazy to exercise and hate exercising anyway), I've accomplished a lot. I'm probably what one would call self-realised. Many kids my age don't even know what that IS, and probably won't until they're middle-aged. Unless they read Princess Diaries, but even still, probably aren't as close as I am, which is pretty much achieved. I know EXACTLY who I am. And although I may tell white lies to other people, I'm completely honest with myself. I don't talk about marrying whoever I'm dating cuz I know it most likely will not last that long (but it doesn't mean it's pointless...just a small chapter of my life that I should enjoy). I am my bestest friend ever lololol. Besides Selena, but she doesn't know as much about me as I do. I am not afraid whatsoever of being alone. I pretty much never experience "loneliness." I keep myself occupied. And when I'm in the slums and feeling very depressed about whatever, I have the ability to one day snap myself out of it. I usually do this by writing about it in my journal, and then telling myself how ridiculous it is and how I should stop moping and be grateful for what I have. Which may not work for some people, but it does for me cuz I say it in a nice way. That's why journals are so awesome. I write in it as if I'm offering comfort to a friend, but that friend is myself, and so writing it is makes me feel better for being me. And I'm very proud of who I am. I am my own person and think entirely for myself. I guess that makes me an optimist, generally, though I can be pessimistic.

Band: Queen, although I am currently obsessed with Culture Club. Boy George is a sexy beast, although easy for me to say cuz I have the amazing ability to be attracted to women, including men who look like women. Movie: Forrest Gump, I suppose. Whenever I watch that movie, I feel very inspired, plus the soundtrack is beast. Genre of music: 80's pop-rock. I'm just obsessed. My dad is very proud of my taste in music. Color: I like all of them. They all have their beautiful moments. Like, brown is ugly in shit, but beautiful in dirt and earth and light tones. Animal: Elephants. They're so beautiful and smart. I also like whales a lot, and chimps too. And my dog, Abby. She's the greatest animal in the world. So was my Wilbur, my guinea pig, but he died when I was 13. Bawww. Game: Sims 2. I had a lot of fun making the father get the daughter pregnant at Nicole's house using cheats. I told you I'm strange. But please note this does not represent any fantasies of mine. Book: No fucking idea. I've read many good ones. "Alas, Babylon" is pretty epic. It's about surviving a nuclear holocaust in the 1950's after a war with the Soviet Union. Harry Potter was amazing too. Not overrated, but pretty commercialised, unfortunately. I ALWAYS knew Snape was a good guy! I would have sex with Snape, Sirius, Ron, Fred, George, and Neville. Preferrably all at once. Subject in school: I currently dislike all of them. I used to like English a lot, but lately it's all been analysing stupid shit I don't care about and then writing rhetorical analyses. I guess PE cuz Louis, Dylan and Jehn are all in it and we pretty much do nothing, even though Coach yells at me for being lazy. lol. That's pretty much all the important stuff I can come up with for now. Other favorites don't really matter, unless I'm forgetting something which I probably am.

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