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Geia sas/hello! I'm planning on legally changing my name to Eleni Vamvakari, so that is what I use. I am not trying to impersonate anyone, nor to claim relations with those who hold that surname, though I am indebted to Markos Vamvakaris, for helping me start on my path in Hellenism via rebetika, in 2003. I was born and live in New Jersey, America. I have no Hellenic blood, but am strictly a Greek patriot and nationalist. It's my ultimate dream in life to move To Greece, to become a citizen, and to serve my country in whatever way I can. I'm in the intermediate level of Kathomiloumeni, and plan on learning Katharevousa one day, so that I can understand the words of our national saviours, (General Metaxas, Colonels Papadopoulos and Makarezos, and brigadier General Pattakos.) That said, I am known to try and switch to Katharevousa whenever possible, because it is my preferred form of the language. I like old technology, reading, writing, and collecting things, such as cigarette lighters, Greek coins, and stamps. I'm not into drugs, clubbing or drinking, but I do occasionally enjoy dealcoholised wine. I also love trying new coffees and teas from around the world, and enjoy high quality tobacco in cigarettes and in an arghile. I like outdoor activities such as gardening, fishing, walking, going to the beach, flee markets, and swimming, and indoor ones, such as cooking and baking (from scratch), crafts, going to museums, shopping, and playing dominoes, cards, and board games. I'm not a girly girl, so am not into clothes, hair/nails, makeup, or jewellery. I also don't diet or go to gyms. I love debating, but always try to keep it civil.

In life, personal independence, learning Katharevousa, serving my country, and Hellenic citizenship. Here, making friends, learning about others, and sharing my own opinions and experiences.

See above.

Personal organisation and self-study of our language, culture, and history.

books: The Iliad, The Odyssey, Homer, Theogony, apology and writings of xenophon, herodotus, daphnis and chloe, The Memoirs of General Makriyannis, To Pistevo Mas, books by General Pattakos and Colonel Makarezos, I, Claudius, autobiography of markos vamvakaris, the holy mangas, The Giver, Brave New World, Farenhight 451, the search for delicious, lord of the rings, Dark Tower, stephen king, Shanara, Landover, science fiction, and horror Films: Greek news reels, Annie, Overboard, Jesus christ super Star, I, Claudius, Gladiator, Sister Act, charlotte's web (musical), James Paris films Television Shows: historical documentaries, game shows, puppy bowl, the twilight zone, the unexplained, history's mysteries, dark shaddows, (original), sightings, Babbar, Theia Lena, Paramythia, I Ora Tou Paidiou music: Greek, Rebetika, rembetika, rebetiko, rembetiko, early laika, paradosiaka, dimotika, martial music, English, 50s, 60s, 70s

Username:elvam2167 (user #348509)
Interests:(56) 21 April, 4 August, age gap relationships, ancient Greece, animals, audio games, basket weaving, ceramics, chair caning, cigarettes, coffee, collecting, cooking, crafts, debating, dimotika, dimotiki, diners, gardening, Greece, Greek food, Greek politics, handicrafts, Hellenic Military, Hellenism, history, intactivism, Katharevousa, Kathomiloumeni, military rule, modern Greek, MSDOS, nationalism, naturopathy, Neolaia Alkimon, organic food, paradosiaka, parapsychology, patriotism, pro choice, pro death penalty, pro euthanasia, pro gay rights, raw milk, reading, rebetika, recipes, records, rembetika, soap making, tea, tobacco, tomboys, trixordo, writing, Youtube
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Created:2015-05-23 23:47:54
I smoke:Regularly
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Children:They're great, but no thanks
Education:College Grad
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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