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I am athletic, kewl, and fun to be around. I have tons of friends and I treat them all with respect. I am not the back-stabbing type. I love to hang out with my peeps (guys too) like for partying and just hanging out!!! I <3 to party!!!! (NO DRINKING!!!!)

be a contestant on American Idol and win!! be a very popular and famous model!! (work at teen vogue) go to USC, Notre Dame, or yes sadly Clemson. GO COCKS (game-cocks that is) be very wealthy but HAPPY!!! be a pro. tennis player (plus model and singer) have tons of friends that love me for ME!!!!

RYAN SCHECKLER!!! HOTTIE W/ A BODY!!! (LUV HIS TATTOO, but I would never get one) ** $ bagillions of dollars (or more) $ ** be a model/singer/pro tennis player ** win American Idol (DUH to be a singer) ** to have a SWEET 16 and it be on MTV's "MY SUPER SWEET 16" **become friends with Lauren Conrad and work at teen vogue!! (dream job)

A and B student (grades) went to the regional science fair in 2005 (unexpected) went 2 National spellin bee (its a gift, I am definiely not a nerd)2005 fastest rollerblader @ my school in elementary school (W/E) ** have tons of friends ** been cheerleading for 4 years @ my school (I LOVE IT) "best defesive player" on my softball team throw the football farther than lots of guys biggest eater at my table @ lunch but I am NOT overweight I burn it all off playing sports (I weigh 105 lbs) (all muscle) danced for 10 years Varsity tennis team for a while @ my school (used to play JV)

BFF: Isabella, Mary Katherine,Hanna, Madison, Anne Marie, Elizabeth (s), KAE, Nick P, Billy, Thomas (?), Jack, Josh, Will ;-) , joseph, david, cole, lance (big papa), (every1) hot guy: RYAN SHECKLER saying: Totally for sure I just got a manicure, the sun I swear is gleaming up my golden hair, 36, 24 I don't know the freakin score, Go Go Fight Fight, gee I hope I look alright!!!! (lol) animal: dog color: blue, red, green, black, pink cell company: verizon tv show: The Hills, ANTM, Newport Harbor, Real World, Laguna Beach, My Super Sweet Sixteen, MADE, Parental Control, the X-effect, channel: MTV, ABC FAMILY, VH1, FOOD NETWORK, TLC music genre: rap, rock, pop, ........ movies: Freedom Writers, Stomp the Yard, Happy Feet, Bring It on (all four), Live Free Die Hard

Username:cheerchic1216 (user #238286)
Interests:(50) animals like dogs, bein HYPER, being a great friend, being awesome, being silly, BFFLs, brownies, bzoink, camp, cheerleadin, chillin at school, chocolate, dancin immodestly fun and wild (lol), flirtin with hot guys, gettin a tan, gettin fit, gettin online, goin to beach, goin to movies w/ friends, goin to parties!!!, goin to sports events, hangin w/ friends, havin fun, horses, hot guys from camp, ice cream, itunes, joggin, meetin more hot guys, messin around, modelin, mud sliding, music, partyin!!!, playin sports, prank callin, rap, singin, summer camp, swimmin, tennis, the color blue, toneing my abs (lol), traveling to other countries, walkin, watchin MTV, weightliftin, workin out, yahoo, youtube
Last Login:Thursday, March 6, 2008
Created:2007-03-06 20:14:40
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Athletic
Education:In High School

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