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My name is Sarah, my friends call me Sae... i have brown hair and brown eyes, i am a nice person if u get to know me.. i get along with alot of people.. i am willing to make new friends.. i play softball.. i have many friends.. and i love em to death.. i am 14 years old.. dont let the thing fool you... it wouldnt accept my real age.. idk why.. .. if u want to IM me.. my sn is Snitemareb4xmasB... i love music, it is my life, i like guys who have the same interests with me.. i like poetry, i cant really write it at all.. but i love to read it, i am more of a romantic person, i would choose cuddling and kissing over oral sex and stuff, though i do like to have my fun, though i am only 14, i have had my experiences.. lol... i like horror movies, i dont like people completly obsessed with hot topic... i totally HATE posers.. with a passion though... haha.. i like like to be myself around people.. if i feel contained where i cant act my normal self.. i dont like it... and it just makes me feel uncomfortable.. i love to sing, though i suck at it.. guitars interest me.. lol. i dont have a good enough attention spand to learn how to play it though.. i want a guy to be like me... someone who can just randomly shout WHOO! or dance or something really random.. people who can be them selves around other people are awesome...i am afraid of many things.. spiders, clowns, deep water... like the ocean and parts of the lake i cant touch, im afraid of the death of someone close to me... like my cousin chris.. or my really good friends.. like jennifer, or lindsey, abby, or arash... i dont like people who are known to cheat on someone.. and i dont like people who act like total skanks... i dont like man whores either... i dont like people who commit suiside.. i have had to deal with that enough in my life.. 2 or my family members killed themselves... and i have had cousins and friends who have survived... if i could think of anything else to talk about i would write it .. but ttyl..

i would like to meet.. a guy that could make me laugh.. and who can be serious too.. someone who likes me .. just for me.. not for just looks.. or something.. but for me.. someone who is nice.. and understanding.. and looks forward to seeing me everyday.. just all in general.. someone i think i have already met.. but we will see where it takes us.. i would also like to meet.. any one from my favorite bands!!! like of coarse.. BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG!! lol<--sexiest punk rocker on the face of this earth

TO MEET BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG from green day, go to the green day concert with my brother, all the cd's that i have been wanting for like ever

Music:--> The Academy is, Acceptance, AFI, Alexis On Fire, Alice in chains, alkaline trio, the all american rejects, american hi fi, american nightmare, anatomy of a ghost, anti flag, the ataris, atreyu, audioslave, avenged sevenfold, Bad religion, beck, billy tallent, blink 182, the blood brothers, bowling for soup, box car racer, boys night out, brand new, breaking benjaman, bright eyes, the casualties, CKY, the clash, coheed and cambria, cold play, Dashboard confessional, dead kennedys, death cab for cutie, the distillers, the donnas, the F-ups, Fall out boy, finger eleven, foo fighters, from first to last, funeral for a friend, go betty go, good charlotte, green day, halifax, hawthorne heights, hidden in plain veiw, hollywood undead, hoobastank, hopesfall, hot hot heat, jet, jimmy eat world, the killers, killswitch engaged, less than jake, limp bizkit, linkin park, lost phrophets, mad caddies, matchbook romance, minor threat, misfits, motion city soundtrack, MxPx, mudvayne, my american heart, my chemical romance, a new found glory, no use for a name, NOFX, nine inch nails, nothing to loose, nickelback, nirvana, the offspring, papa roach, pennywise, plain white t's, puddle of mudd, punch line, P.O.D., rage against the machine, the ramones, rancis, reel big fish, relient k, riddlin' kids, rise against, seether, smashing pumpkins, senses fail, sex pistols, simple plan, smash mouth (lol), social code, social distortion, something corporate, the starting line, a static lullaby, story of the year, straylight run, sublime, sugarcult, sum 41, system of a down, taking back sunday, three days grace, thursday, tool, trandplants, underoath, unwritten law, the unseen, the used, the vandals, velvet revolver, wasted youth, weezer, with broken wings, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard, 3 doors down.

Username:bjoekicksazz09 (user #111969)
Interests:(11) boys, computers, going to concerts, hanging with friend, having a good time, music, online quizes, recieveing gifts, talking on the phone, televison, watching movies
Last Login:Monday, September 5, 2005
Created:2005-08-18 21:04:28
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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