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Self Overview:
This needed to be redone. Sorry for all those who enjoyed my old self-overview. Letís start with some basics. Looking over my old profile, I gather that I was a normal human being when I wrote it. Well...I still am. Except now I have added every Beatles song I know to my interests list. So what to say? Iím still Askme, but a lot of people call me Phania. Keriana Williams calls me Phunya for the sake of spelling it phonetically. My parents call me ďyouĒ and ďthe girlĒ. My brother Mannerheim calls me Girlman. Charming, isnít he? Youíll note that Iím a friend of Manny, but heís not a friend of me. Okay, letís talk about friends. In the real world, I donít have that many true friends. Most are there because thatís the way the universe works. I donít get along with everyone, despite how desperate I used to be to make everyone smile. My parents tend to disapprove of most of my good friends, because my parents disapprove of me. My online friends may not know how I wake up in the mornings or what I eat for dinner each night, but they know how I feel about books, politics, and music...subjects that I shall bring up later. In the not-so-real-world, my friends include Benji, Selwyn, Matthew, Lance, Ainsley, Anya, Borya, Siena, Leo, and many others. They go away when I want them too, so Iím safe there. Theyíre Voices, except I can see them. They keep me amused when Iíve finished my work and have been told to keep quiet. Sometimes I only talk to them in my head, but other times Iíll talk to them alloud. This freaks Mannerheim out. Another bonus! Right, perhaps now Iíll talk about languages. I learn Latin at a grade higher than the rest of my class. I learn German too, but am far behind. Russian is not my strong point. My Welsh vocabulary is scattered by the Western Wind, and Iím going to have to wait a while to properly learn Yiddish. Karora tells me to stick with Latin, but truth be told Iím getting tired of it. German is handy for invading chat rooms. Russian is great when you want some of the tough kids to protect you after school. Welsh has very little point except for when you like Taliesin. And Yiddish...thatís fashionable these days. Now about books. I love reading. I mean, I really love reading. I like classics, fantasy, horror, science-fiction, and history textbooks. War and Peace is sitting on my bedside table for the second time. Iím rather surprised at myself for that. Caiseal Mor gets his own shelf in my bedroom, right where I can reach any of those marvellous books without knocking picture frames over. I got my first Caiseal Mor book when I was eleven. I was ill, and in a hotel room, and my mother handed The Harp at Midnight to me. I stared at the cover blankly, read the blurb, and didnít read the book until ten days later. I still love it. I had my grandmother send me all of Morís other available books, but I read them out of sequence. That didnít really matter so much. Apart from...wait, I shanít spoil them for anyone else. The Hitchhikerís Guide to the Galaxy books sit beside my desk on top of my old Latin work. I read them instead of cleaning my bedroom. Since I live in Australia, I might as well talk a bit about Australian politics. Everyone here hates John Howard, homosexuals especially. But really, would you rather John Howard or Kim Beazley? Right, so Peter Costello has an evil glint in his eye, but you canít vote for a man who doesnít even know the names of the people in his party. I hate Australian politics. John Howardís been Prime Minister ever since I can remember. I wrote a letter to him once. Didnít get a reply. I know the people who read all the letters sent to him, and they usually write replies. So screw the government. Iím not actually a communist, despite my favourite song being Back In The USSR, and my name tag saying Iím from the Soviet Union. American politics annoy me too. A friend sent me a text message saying he wished all Americans would die, but I sent back that the problem would be solved with far less bloodshed if only George W. Bush died. I donít think all Americanís are stupid. Just one in particular. Iím all for Tony Blair in Britain. Heís a funny guy, not just because he has a peculiar manner of speaking. About music now...Iím obsessed with Silly Wizard, Old Blind Dogs, Battlefield Band, and of course The Beatles. People donít know Silly Wizard, Old Blind Dogs, or Battlefield Band (unless youíre seventy-five and Scottish) here, but the moment you say The Beatles you see recognition flare in their eyes. Come on, Sir Paul McCartney is the greatest. Iím not so much into Lennon, though my father is. I like philosophy, but I also like songs that make me feel like Iím here for a good reason. Because if Iím not, God and/or my parents really did make a mistake. Andy M. Stewart is my favourite singer. I love his low, melodic voice, and if he doesnít come to Australia next Spring Iím going to burn down a public building. Okay, so youíve figured Iím schizophrenic and a pyromaniac. What else? Well, Iím obsessive compulsive, but I donít align everything any more. I figured I had better things to do. Let me tell you about washing my hands. Every morning, I get up, wash my hands, get my clothes, shower, change, wash my hands, brush my hair, wash my hands, put my shoes on, wash my hands, put my Contac lenses in, wash my hands, go to the kitchen, get some breakfast out (this only happens if Iím not being driven to school), put the breakfast on the table with a placemat, wash my hands, eat the breakfast, wash my hands, get a glass of water, drink it, wash my hands, brush my teeth, wash my hands, clean my retainer, wash my hands. Is it really any wonder Australia is running out of water? One step I can never, ever, miss is washing my hands after touching a placemat or a sticker. Donít even get me started on stickers. So...I donít know what else to say. I go on Bzoink at least once a day. If Iím not on for a whole day, it means Iím sick for whatever reason. This has been happening a lot lately. Iím on my way to 1,000 posts on the forums. I donít get to go on the chat so much any more, because my parents believe chats are evil. Hell, they think sugar is evil. Speaking of which, nine out of ten times people talk to me, Iím high. This is not down to drugs of caffeine. Itís mostly just me. I was probably meant to be a vampire or something, because Iím actually more energetic when the sun goes down. I even look better! So really, if Iím completely random, get used to it or sod off. My fingers hurt... Snarj!

to be in a position where I can just sit around all day playing video games and watching LOTR over and over again.

a nice big house, a pet sheep, a banjo, Swedish meatballs every night of the week, a large private library, Andy M. Stewart to come to Australia,

some poetry has been published, most people ignore me, can turn lead into gold, can interrogate Tuatha De Dannans to the point where they tell me where to find some extra gold, has conquered her fear of death, can randomly switch from 1st to 3rd person without noticing

favourite colour is black, favourite band is Silly Wizard, favourite food is Swedish meatballs, favourite thing to do is talk to imaginary friends, favourite subject in school is math

Username:askme (user #45759)
Interests:(760) ghosts, 1, 12-Bar Original, A Day In The Life, A Hard Dayís Night, A Picture Of You, A Quick One While Heís Away, A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues, A Taste Of Honey, Abbey Road, accordions, Across The Universe, Act Naturally, Adagio For Strings, Ainít Nothiní Shakiní, Ainít She Sweet, Alan Stivell,, All Iíve Got To Do, All My Loving, All Shook Up, All Together Now, All You Need Is Love, Almost Grown, And I Love Her, And Your Bird Can Sing, Andy M. Stewart, anger, Another Day, Another Girl, Any Time At All, archery, arguing, Ask Me Why, asparagus, asserting my hatred for sticky things, atlases, Austrian television shows, Baby Itís You, Baby Letís Play House, Baby Youíre a Rich Man, Babyís In Black, Back In The USSR, Bad Boy, bagging just about everything, banjos, bathrooms, Be-Bob-A-Lulla, Beatles for Sale, Beatles: 1962-1966, Beatles: 1967-1970, Because, Behind Enemy Lines, being a smart-arse, being annoying, Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite, being generous, belts, Besame Mucho, Birthday, biting people, Bizet, black, blue, Blue Jay Way, Blue Suede Shoes, Bob Mackie dolls, boots, Boudicca, Boys, bracelets, braids, Bring It On Home TO Me, brown, Bruce Mitchell, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, building crappy Lego buildings, bushy eyebrows, Bzoink, Bzoink chat, Bzoink forums, cans, Canít By Me Love, Capitol Albums Volume 1, Capitol Albums Volume 2, Carmen, Carnival Of Light, Carnival of the Animals, Carol, Carry That Weight, cash, castles, Cat Walk, Cayenne, ceilidhs, Celtic clothing, Celtic music, Celts, Chains, cheating to make my profile longer, checking my blazer pockets, checking under the steering wheels of cars for bombs, cheques, Child of Nature, Christmas Time Is Here Again, Church, Circles, Clarabella, cleaning my teeth, coaxing people to join my cult, coins, Come And Get It, Come Together, coming close to winning scrabble, complaining, complaining about day time television, complaining about how bad bands become when they get a new lead singer, complaining about how boring politics are, complaining about how two ex-members of broken bands get together and make albums that ruin all your former thoughts on the bands, complaining about the hardships of being a Celt, complaining about why my mother is a better scrabble player, complaining about Wolfstone, consoling people, conspiracy theories, convincing people that life is really a musical, Coptic Christians, Cossack dancing, cottages, crucifixes, Cry Baby Cry, Cry For A Shadow, Crying Waiting Hoping, dancing, dancing randomly at school, Danse Macabre, Day Tripper, Dear Prudence, demanding pity, desks, Devil In Her Heart, dictionaries, Dig A Pony, Dig It, Digging My Potatoes, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Do You Want To Know A Secret, Doc Martin, Doctor Robert, doing ballet, doing Hungarian dancing, doing Irish dancing, doing Phovanian dancing, doing Russian dancing, doing Scottish dancing, dollhouses, Donít Bother Me, Donít Ever Change, Donít Let Me Down, Donít Let The Sun Catch You Crying, Donít Pass Me By, drawing maps of Phovania, Dream Baby, dressing up like Santa on Easter, drinking anything I can get my hands on, Drive My Car, Eastern European countries, eating carrots, eating when not hungry, Eight Days A Week, Eleanor Rigby, emeralds, England, Etcetera, European history, Every Little Thing, Every Night, Everybodyís Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey, Everybodyís Trying To Be My Baby, explaining the Paul is Dead theory, explaining to my brother why he was an accident, explaining why I wish Iíd been around while The Beatles were all alive and together, explaining why my mother is a better scrabble player, Falling In Love Again, fear, Feet of Flames, Fever, fiddles, fighting, fighting with my brother, fireplaces, Fixing a Hole, flossing my teeth, Flying, flying first class from Melbourne to Heathrow, Fools Like Me, For No One, For You Blue, forgetting the second verse of the National Anthem, Free As A Bird, From Me To You, Futurama, Gaelic, gems, George Harrison, Get Back, Get Off, Getting Better, getting into trouble in cinemas, getting on my parentsí nerves, getting up and dancing because life is really a musical, Gimme Some Truth, Girl, giving my cat brain massages, giving people bread come Halloweíen, giving to the poor, Glad All Over, Glass Onion, glass pianos, globes, Go To Him, going onto Bzoink chat, going to ballets, gold, Golden Slumbers, Gone Gone Gone, Good Day Sunshine, Good Morning Good Morning, Good Night, Google, Google Earth, Got To Get You Into My Life, gray, Great Balls Of Fire, green, growing my hair really long, guitars, guns, Halleluja I Love Her So, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, harps, Hear Me Lord, Hello Goodbye, Hello Little Girl, Help, Help!, Helter Skelter, Her Majesty, Here Comes The Sun, Here There And Everywhere, Hey Bulldog, Hey Darling, Hey Jude, Hey Jude, High Heeled Sneakers, Highland cattle, Hippy Hippy Shake, Hitch Hike, hockey, Hold Me Tight, holding LOTR marathons, Honey Donít, Honey Pie, horror movies, horror stories, horses, How Do You Do It?, I Am The Walrus, I Call Your Name, I Donít Want To Spoil The Party, I Feel Fine, I Forgot To Remember To Forget, I Got To Find My Baby, I Just Donít Understand, I Lost My Little Girl, I Me Mine, I Need You, I Remember You, I Saw Her Standing There, I Shall Be Released, I Should Have Known Better, I Wanna Be Your Man, I Want To Hold Your Hand, I Want To Tell You, I Want You, I Will, I Will Always Be In Love With You, ice, If I Fell, If I Needed Someone, If You Love Me Baby, If Youíve Got Trouble, In My Life, In Spite of All Danger, ink, Ireland, Irish dancing, Irish guys, Irish pubs, Isnít It A Pity, It Wonít Be Long, Itís All Too Much, Itís Only Love, Ive Got A Feeling, Iíll Be Back, Iíll Be On My Way, Iíll Cry Instead, Iíll Follow The Sun, Iíll Get You, Iím A Loser, Iím Down, Iím Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry, Iím Happy Just To Dance With You, Iím Looking Through You, Iím Only Sleeping, Iím So Tired, Iíve Just Seen A Face, jewelry, John Lennon, Johnny B Google, joining the abortion debate and then dropping out, Jonathan Creek, jousting, joy, Julia, Junk, Kansas City, Keep You Hands Off My Baby, kerianawilliams, killing time, kilts, Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand, Lady Madonna Lawdy Miss Clawdy, lakes, Leave My Kitten Alone, Lego, Legoland, Lend Me Your Comb, Les Miserables, Let It Be, Let it Be, Let it Be . . . Naked, Letís Dance, Like Dreamers Do, listening to Old Blind Dogs, listening to Scottish music from the eighties, listening to Scottish music from the seventies, listening to sea shanties, listening to Silly Wizard, listening to The Beatles, listening to The Hitchhikerís Guide to the Galaxy, listening to Woody Allen, Little Child, Little Queenie, Llewellyn Yr Ail, Lonely Sea, Lonesome Tears In My Eyes, Long Long Long, Long Tall Sally, looking up funny names in the phone book, looking up funny places in the back of atlases, LOTR in all itís forms except for the original soundtrack, Love Me Do, Love Of The Loved, Love You Too, Lovely Rita, Lucille, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Madman, Maggie Mae, Magical Mystery, Magical Mystery Tour, Mailman Bring Me No More blues, making champagne fountains, making people pledge money to The Cause, making Swedish meatballs, Mannerheim, manors, mansions, maps, Martha My Dear, Matchbox, Maxwellís Silver Hammer, Maybe Baby, Mean Mr. Mustard, meditating, memorizing the commentaries on all the LOTR extended dvds, Memphis Tennessee, Michelle, Midnight Special, Misery, Miss Ann, Money, money, Mother Natureís Son, mountains, Mr. Moonlight, music, My Bonnie, my boyfriends, my Goodies T-shirt, my psychiatry sessions, necklaces, never polishing my boots, No Reply,, Nobodyís Child, Not A Second Time, not coming close to winning scrabble but saying so anyway, not eating when hungry, Not Guilty, not polishing my boots, not washing my hair, Nothiní Shakiní, Nowhere Man, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, Octopusís Garden, Oh! Darling, Old Brown Shoe, On The Road To Marrakesh, One After 909, Only A Northern Song, Ooh! My Soul, Orlando Bloom, overusing my imagination, Owen Glendower/Owain Glyndwr, Owen Wilson, P.S. I Love You, palaces, Paperback Writer, Past Masters Volume 1, Past Masters Volume 2, pathology, patting my cat, pencils, Penny Lane, pens, phone books, Phovania, piano, Picasso, Piggies, pity, playing Laser Quest, playing Lego anything, playing Lego Loco, playing Lego Racers, playing merry hell with all around me, playing scrabble, playing stuff backwards, playing stuff backwards because it sounds funny, playing stuff backwards to find out what happened to Paul, playing stuff backwards to find Satanic messages, playing stuff backwards to hear alien messages, playing stuff fast-forward, playing Thrill on trains, playing with Lego, Please Mr. Postman, Please Mrs. Henry, Please Please Me, Please Please Me, polls, Polythene Pam, posting obsessively on the Bzoink forums, pretending to be a drug dealer, pretending to be blind/mute/deaf when in public, pretending to have a lisp, Puttiní On The Style, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria, quizlets, rain, Rain, rambling on about what Paul and Ringo are doing right now, rambling on about what The Beatles were doing every day of their lives, Rarities, reading, reading books by Kim Wilkins, reading dictionaries, reading dictionaries in an effort to become a better scrabble player, reading the Hitchhikerís Guide to the Galaxy, reading things right to left in an effort to seem Jewish, Real Love, recalling depressing facts about childhood, reciting entire chapters out of The Hitchhikerís Guide to the Galaxy, reciting Iím Sorry Iíll Read That Again sketches, reciting Monty Python Sketches, reciting Woody Allen sketches, recording myself rambling, Red Hot, Red Sails In The Sunset, reenacting Monty Python sketches, refrigerators, Reminiscing, Revolution, Revolution 1, Revolution 9, Revolver, Richard Starkey, Right String Wrong Yo-Yo, Ringo Starr, Rip It Up, Riverdance, Road Runner, Robin Hood, Robin Hood Men In Tights, Rock And Roll Music, Rock Island Line, Rocky Raccoon, Roll Over Beethoven, rolling hill sides, Rubber Soul, rubies, Run For Your Life, Russian guys, Russian talk-shows, Saint-Saens, Savoy Truffle, saying "snarjjafrouzhounashnash", saying ďthe Hitchhikerís Guide to the Galaxy starring Peter Jones asÖthe bookĒ, saying ďthou shalt not goeth to thy casinoeth!Ē, scanning stuff, School Days, Scotland, Scottish dancing, scowling at my sneakers, scrabble, screaming at Munch paintings, Searchiní, September In The Rain, September Song, Sexy Sadie, Sgt. Pepper, Sgt. Pepperís Lonely Hearts Club Band, Shake Rattle And Roll, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, She Liebt Dich, She Loves You, She Said She Said, Sheila, Sheís A Woman, Sheís Leaving Home, Shimmy Shake, shooting trees, Shout, showing people the Phovanian traditional dance of celebration: The Robot, silver, Sinead OíConner, singing Donald McGillavry backwards, singing randomly because life is really a musical, singing the first verse again instead of the second verse of the National Anthem, Sir Paul McCartney, sleep walking, slipping into Happy Birthday while singing the National Anthem, Slow Down, snow, snow-days, So How Come, soccer, Some Days, Some Other Guy, Something, sorrow, Sour Milk Sea, spamming my journal, speaking in Phovanian, speaking with a heavy Irish accent, speaking with a Phovanian accent, sponsoring football players, sprinklers, Stand By Me, starting hobo fights, staying at home, staying up all night, Step Inside Love, Strawberry Fields Forever, Suicide, Summertime, Sun King, Sure To Fall, surveys, Suzy Parker, Swanee River, swearing in Phovanian, swearing in Russian, swearing in Welsh, Sweet Georgia Brown, Sweet Little Sixteen, Take Good Care Of My Baby, Take Out Some Insurance On Me Baby, Taking A Trip To Carolina, taking two steps forward and one step back, taking walks, talking about Old Blind Dogs, talking about Silly Wizard, talking about The Beatles, talking in my sleep, talking to my cat in a French accent, Talkiní ĎBout You, tartan, tartan cloaks, Taxman, tea, Teddy Boy, Tell Me If You Can, Tell Me What You See, Tell My Why, telling ghost stories, telling people about my home town in Phovania, telling people how George Harrison was deported from Germany, telling people how much better the world would be if Hannibal hadnít died when he did, telling people to do stuff to chair legs, telling people to do stuff to teapots, telling people what to do, telling the riveting details of all my scrabble games, texting people with one digit different from mine and telling them that their phone number is only one digit different from mine, Thank You Girl, That Means A Lot, Thatíll Be The Day, Thatís All Right, Thatís When Your Heartaches Begin, The Ballad of John and Yoko, The Beatles, the Bible, The Chieftains, the cold, The Commonwealth Song, The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill, The Corrs, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, The End, The Fool On The Hill, The Goodies, The Honeymoon Song, The Inner Light, the Internet, the Isle of Man, The Long And Winding Road, The Night Before, the Orkney Islands, the Orthodox Church, the phone book, The Picts, the Romanovs, the Royal family, the Russian Mafia, The Saints, The Sheik Of Araby, The Simpsons, The Sims 1, The Sims 2, The Tannahill Weavers, the theme music to the audio of The Hitchhikerís Guide to the Galaxy, The Walk, The Word, The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise, Thereís A Place, Things We Said Today, Think For Yourself, This Bird Has Flown, This Boy, Three Cool Cats, throwing up vanilla custard, Ticket To Ride, Till There Was You, To Know Her Is To Love Her, Tomorrow Never Knows, Too Much Monkey Business, topazes, torcs, torques, trashing my room, traumatizing children, trying on shoes that you just know ainít gonna fit me, trying to break world records, Tuatha De Dannans, Twist And Shout, Two Of Us, typing phonetically, typing streams of consciousness, updating my interests list, updating my journal, Vampires, vanilla, Wait, waking up late, waking up to Love Me Do, Wales, walking backwards, War and Peace, washing my hands, watches, watching crappy Australian dramas, watching Futurama, watching LOTR, watching Supernatural, watching The Simpsons, watching the television program of The Hitchhikerís Guide to the Galaxy, We Can Work It Out, wearing boots all year round, wearing clothes that donít match, wearing clothes that match too well, wearing coloured lenses, wearing jackets no matter what the weather, wearing jeans, wearing long and heavy skirts, wearing rings, wearing several layers of clothing, wearing two hats, weasels, Well Darling, Well...All Right, Werewolves, What Goes On, what Mannerheim is up to, What Youíre Doing, Whatís The New Mary Jane?, When I Get Home, When Iím Sixty-Four,Where Have You Been All My Life, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, whispering, whistles, white, White Album, Whole Lotta Shakiní Going On, Why, Why Donít We Do It In The Road?, Wild Honey Pie, Wildcat, Window Window, winning scrabble, Winstonís Walk, With A Little Help From My Friends, With the Beatles, Within You Without You, Woman, Woody Allen, Words Of Love, writing, yelling at cricketers that their flies are undone, Yellow Submarine, Yellow Submarine, Yellow Submarine Songtrack, Yer Blues, Yes It Is, Yesterday, You Canít Do That, You Know My Name, You Know What To Do, You Like Me Too Much, You Must Write Every Day, You Never Give Me Your Money, You Really Got A Hold On Me, You Wonít See Me, Young Blood, Your Feetís Too Big, Your Mother Should Know, Youíll Be Mine, Youíre Going To Lose That Girl, Youíve Got To Hide Your Love Away
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