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Just read my interests.

color: red animal: all/cats bug: all/beetles, moths, butterflies food: seafood, chinese, japanese, mexican, italian, fast food, candy.....why dont you just read my interests....

Username:ashantifan1224 (user #84773)
Interests:(146) adventures, adventure games, animals, anime, antiques, arguing, arm-wrestling, art, astral travel, astrology, astronomy, attics, being a rebel, being barefoot, being random,, being sneaky, being strong, biking bracelets, biting people, blackjack, blue, books, bugs, burning things, cards, causing random mischief at school and not getting caught, chapstick(best make-up product, cheese, children's tylenol, chinese/italian/mexican/japanese food, climbing trees, coke/soda, cold weather, collecting things(35000 different things), coloring, computers, cough drops, crawfish, crystals, dark arts, decorating, dictionaries, DR. PEPPER, dragons, drawing, dreams, English grammar, exploring, eyes/eye balls(weird obsession), fighting, fights, fire, fog, food, forests, fossils, funny drama, gems, ghosts, green, GTA, halloween, having psychic powers, hiding, history, ice-cream, insane and craziness, instant messaging, internet, invisibility, Japan, Japanese people, jewelry, jewels and gems, jinn/ghosts/devils, jungles, karate, killing people in GTA, kissing animals and bugs, magic/witch-craft, magical creatures, making jewelry, manga, mansions, mardi gras, mind-reading, monsters, mythical creatures, mythology, nature, new year's, night-time, observing people, painting, philosophy, planets, poems, poker, psychic stuff, psychology, racing, rain, rainforests, randomness, reading, rocks, school, science, seafood, shape-shifting, shells, silver, skating, skeletons, skulls, smell of books, smell of cigarettes, spying, standing in the rain, stars, storms, studying people, swimming, talking to animals and bugs, telekinesis, teleporting, tests/quizzes/polls/surveys, the color black, the color red, the color REDDDD, the occult, the smell of rain, the spiritual realm, time-stopping, transforming, traveling, vampires, video-games, wal-mart, walking, wandering around at night, watching people, water, wind, wrestling, writing stories.
Last Login:Thursday, September 28, 2017
Created:2005-05-18 16:19:32
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Ethnicity:Native American
Body Type:Athletic
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