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Anna. Sixteen. Highschool junior. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Dreamer. Music addict. 09.15.2012. <3

I've come a long way from where I was. That's all that matters.

all-nighters, anime, arts and crafts, babies, being hyper, being inspired, being outside, blue eyes, bracelets, brown eyes, caffeine, Chapstick, cheese, Chinese food, chocolate, cigarettes, clouds, colorful skinny jeans, colors in general, comedy, crying, dancing, doing my makeup, Donkey Kong, Doritos, duct tape, energy drinks, facebook, fall leaves, flirting, gingers, good huggers, graveyards, green eyes, gum, Harry Potter, hazel eyes, headphones, hip hop, history, holidays, hoodies, Indian food, incense, journaling, just chilling, laughing, learning, Legend of Zelda, long eyelashes, long hair, long showers, long talks, love, making out, making people happy, Mexican food, movies that can make me cry, mushrooms, mustard, music in general, my boyfriend, my family, mythology, nail polish, neon, nighttime, nineties music, Pandora radio, pasta, piercings, pickles, pierogies, pillows, pizza, plane rides, playgrounds, porn, rain, rainbows, Ramen, reggae, road trips, romance, sad songs, scary movies, sex, Sharpies, shroom necklaces, singing, ska, sleeping all day, smelling pretty, smiling, soda, soup, Sour Patch Kids, stars, studying foreign languages, sugar, summertime, sunrises, sunsets, surprise hugs & kisses, SuperMario, sweet tea, taking pictures, tattoos, television, texting, the internet, the moon, thunderstorms, trees, tummy butterflies, umbrellas, video games, weekends, yellow

Username:arndtannad (user #340023)
Interests:None Listed.
Last Login:Thursday, November 15, 2012
Created:2010-10-30 23:12:07
I smoke:Sometimes
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Few Extra Pounds
Education:In High School

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