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Um.. Nothing to say here now lmao xD

And by the way, I GO TO A -FRENCH- SCHOOL! So stop correcting my -english- errors in my surveys and calling me dumb 'bad' names because of it or I'll shoot you. Psh. Evil.

To be successfull in life? xD Okay. Um..

-To successfully pass my last year of highschool and be accepted to Cegep. (which is like college for mostl you people)

-Learn how to make chocolate or fudge(I love this stuff to much o_0 )

-Improve my drawing wolves skills

-Get at least 75% and up in all my math tests. (My math has been sucky lately so might as well try harder)

wants..? I wants chocolate :O! Lmao no.. I really dunno o_0

Nothing much to put here really. So I'll just name a few things. xD

-I won 4 medals at tae-kwon-do! :O One gold, 2 silver and one bronze. *nod nod* And I am oh so proud of myself! Even if I was 8-9 years old when I wont them.. lmao

-I made it to red belt, 1 black stripe in my tae-kwon-do.

-Attending a french school and french sociaty but kept my english good.

-Wow.. I really don't know what to put here. Lols.

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