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Hmm. I am boring. I like women. My hair is never to be long again. MSI is one of the only bands that can get me in a good mood. I don't have a lot of friends. I prefer Rodents over dogs, cats or any other animals. (as long as the rodents don't bite) I ask random questions a lot. I hate when I ask someone a usual/interesting/regular Question and they ask "why" after they answer it. I don't use Capital Q's very often and I wish I did.

To get married before I am 30. To have children before I'm 30th. To go to college. To graduate college. To get a job as a pyschologist before I die. To cut/down quit smoking. To lose weight. To regain my spelling abilities. To have more words in my vocabulary. To be able to play the accoustic guitar. I want to get tattoos. I want to be able to live with my girlfriend. I want my girlfriend to graduate from High School on time. I want to give to charity, but not one of those originazations. I want to MEET these people and hand THEM the money.

I want gays to have the same rights as straight people. I want to be able to have children (I am not 100% sure I can have them.) I want my diabetes to go away. I want my girlfriend here now. I want to see a psychatrist to get myself on meds.

I graduated High school. I'm not in jail or homeless...yet. I take good care of my little sister when my mother is being unmotherly. I'm still alive.. after all my mental and physical things.

My favorite band is From Autumn to Ashes. My favorite ice cream is crushed up sugar cones with mint chocolate chip OR that half-baked with half chocolate and brownies and half cookie dough. My favorite movie I am unsure of. My favorite piercing is my antibrow.

Username:paintsarcasticsmiles (user #154616)
Interests:(41) acoustic guitars, Ben and Jerry's half-baked, beverages, bright yellow, chains, chelsea, chinchillas, food, getting married, GLBT movies, GLBT pride, guinea pigs, guitars, hamsters, having children, hedgehogs, horror movies, hot orange, hot pink, laughing, lime green, medium purple, mice, music, my sense of humor, pandas, penguins, piercings, piggies, psychology, red, red and grey, romantic comedies, simple furtinure, singing, sky blue, smiling, straps on pants, sugar gliders, tattoos, the colors black
Last Login:Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Created:2006-02-27 08:39:34
I smoke:Regularly
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Extra Pounds
Education:High School Grad

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