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yeah. i have to say, i'm pretty cool. haha...a lot of people misjudge me if they don't hang out with me after class. in class i'm really good, and i don't go all woo. when i'm out of class, and i'm with friends, i'm fucking crazy. I'm not really shy. I'm just shy around people that i like, and that i havn't talked to. it takes a lot of pushing from my friends to get me to talk to the guy i like, that i've never talked to before..haha. With anyone else, though, it's just like "hey...i'm wendy..." ... i'm not shy around anyone else. i'm a pretty laid back person. I don't dwell on things. i like to live in the moment. i try to look at the positives rather than the negatives. i get really hyper often. i love having fun!! i hate not being myself. i'm always happy when i'm with my friends, though. i love them. they're the coolest. i dance a lot..just randomly. i get really happy, and just start dancing. i love it when people join me...teehee!! i sing really bad, but i like to sing anyway. my friends usually tell me to shut the hell up, but i know they love it. i get SO pissed off when people try to tell me what i like, what i'm feeling, stuff like that. i know what i'm feeling, what i like (etc...) more than you do. I also get a little cranky when people wake me up in the middle of the day. i hate sleeping in the middle of the day, but sometimes i'm just really tired, and i sleep, and if you wake me up, i'll be really cranky. if you wake me up in the middle of the night, that's fine...haha...idk, just some weirdness with me...i guess. i like talking on the phone. i hate it when i have to think about what i'm going to say, though. i like it when conversations flow. they usually do flow with me, though. my friends and i have the most random conversations, though, it's great!! i'm pretty smart. When i'm with friends (not in class) i don't really seem it, because i'm probably being really hyper and what not. but i'm smart. teachers like me. they think i'm a nice girl that does her work. haha. shh. i'm good in english. i'm also good in spanish. and i speak french fluently. i'm good with languages. i'm good in math, too. if i don't get something, i just watch the teacher do a problem, and then i get it. i'm good like that...haha. i hate science, though. i suck at it. i'm not interested in learning about how there's more or less energy when ice melts and stuff. it's gay. i also hate history. i don't care about the past. the past is the past. america is america. ok? that's great. i hate homework. i can't stand it. when i have homework, and people call me, i'm also in a really bitchy mood. i start yelling at them and freaking out...lmao. i'm a nice person, though. i can't be mean to someone unless they do something to me, or they're a skank that's talking to my boyfriend/who boo!! haha. i'm really nice, though, i get along with mostly everyone. there are just some people that annoy me...but it's cool. i love affection. i love it when people just run up to me and hug me. or when people just call me to see how i'm doing. i like it when my boo (haha...boo) holds my hand, or just holds me...and yeah. i'm good at figuring people out. i can tell if you're a stupid skank, cool person, nice person, caring person...everything. i can tell when people like me. it's pretty cool. so yeah. dude. all in all...i'm a fun person. i like to have fun. yeah.

have a fun life, basically. have a lot of money. have a great job. have amazing love...yeah.

my sexy, lip ringed who boo!! loveeee, money, clothes, a good life.

i'm happy.

music? pop punk, punk, fun rock, hard rock.... food? neon bears and ice cream and cake hottest boys? lip ring, blonde hair, in a band, really cool. or surfer yeah. my self overview was fucking long, and i don't feel like doing all this.

Username:heymrpeterpan (user #117787)
Interests:(20) beach, boys..., cell phones, computer, dancing, friends, holding hands, hugging, kissing, love, love, mall, movies, music, rock, sex, singing, talking, tanning, TV
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Created:2005-09-30 21:31:01
I smoke:Sometimes
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Education:In High School

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