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Username:bettymonroe (user #126094)
Interests:(147) amélie, amusment parks, astral projection, babysitting, bad porn, balloon twisting, beckwomans, bif naked, bisexuality, bisexuals, bubbles, buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, busking, but i'm a cheerleader, candles, candy, cartwheels, cheese, choir, circus arts, cirkids, clouds, comics, commercial drive, corsets, cult movies, culture jamming, david lynch, dawn/kennedy, dawnnedy, devi, disney music, dolls, donnie darko, dragons, e. e. cummings, eccentricity, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, eliza dushku, eyeliner, fae, faeries, fairy tales, fairytales, fillow, firefly, fireworks, flowers, fluffy things, fred penner, free speech, fuffy, garden gnomes, garter belts, ghosts, girls, glamour bombs, glitter, glitter goth, goth, gymnastics, hare krishna, haunted houses,, horror, horror movies, imagination, inara/kaylee, indie rock, innocence, insence, janis jopin, jhonen vasquez, keatonkeaton999, kissing, kissing jessica stein, leaky heaven circus, llamas, love, lucida blackletter, lynx, magick, monty python, music, nirvana, no war, non-violence, once more with feeling, p!nk, pacific northwest, peace, piano, po'girl, powerpets, pretending, public dreams society, punk, queer as folk, random acts of kindness,, rent, rilo kiley, road trips, rocky horror, rubber duckies, salad fingers, sandwiches, serenity, shakespeare, shrek, shrek 2, sidewalk art, singing, siouxsie and the banshees, sky train, socks, squee, stilts,, sushi, sweet cherubim, talking, talking to myself, the beatles, the distillers, the moldy peaches, the princess bride, the smiths, theatre, tim burton, tongues, trees, unbirthdays, unicycles, vampires, vancouver, vancouver folk music festival, weebl and bob, white ninja, wicca, willow rosenberg, yatta, yeah yeah yeahs, yo-saf-bridge, yoga
Last Login:Wednesday, November 9, 2005
Created:2005-11-09 02:32:59
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:In High School

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