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I am a weirdo. I'm romantic and still tough while ever-surviving the day that will end and the dawn of a new day. I am 17 and my B-Day is on December 11, 1994.

I want to finish my poetry book and I also want to graduate high school early, since I have all my required credits and classes. I intend on buying a billboard and making it into a billboard house that I will live in.

I don't wanna be the average person, that's BOOORRRIIINNNGGG!!! I wanna be different while still being me...a weird-o.

I beat my JROTC vocational school's record for being the fastest runner. I just finished my red-belt taekwondo training and am moving on to black belt.

My fav. Movie is I am Number 4. My fav. song is Piggy Pie by ICP (Insane Clown Posse). My favorite color is Blue. My favorite food is Pizza. My fav. place to be is in open, high places like a building rooftop or a billboard. My fav. free-time activity is building makeshift "inventions" (I guess that's wut u'd call it). My fav. animal is a monkey. My fav. number is 21. My fav. letter is g. My fav. name is Lyric. My fav. book is Percy Jackson & the Olympians (The whole series).

Username:50qwt5 (user #336923)
Interests:(25) (NEGATIVE IMAGERY PHOTO EDITING)., and drawing (Non-Objective, athletic stuff (i.e. exercising, biking, climbing high places...I LOVE HEIGHTS, etc., etc., etc.), facts., I love all types of art (i.e. creative writing (i.e. POETRY)), I love Science. I love paranormal (SCARY) types of shows and movies. I love to know about the littlest stuff like horoscope, lucky number, origami (abstract), painting, photographic editing (SUCH AS THE ONE I EDITED OF ME ON MY PROFILE PICTURE, research, running (WHICH INCLUDES FREERUNNING & PARKOUR), skateboard, status about something in the world, stretches, swimming, taekwondo, trampoline, which is art that's just not supposed to look like anything in real life), writing (general). Riding my bike
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Created:2010-03-13 14:23:12
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Athletic
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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