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Hey! I've been making upgrades to my profile - I've even changed the way I spell my name! There is no longer an 'e' in the name 'Stacey'. Okay - now, back to me. I am a normal teenager with a past - which teenager doesn't? I have many friends from all aspects of life; and I love them all! I'm not gay or bisexual (not that there's anything wrong with that kind of thing). I friendly-love my friends - who are also gay or bisexual (some of them). I have shoulder length hair. I'm naturally brunette, but I have blonde highlights. I like to tell jokes and make funny comments. If anybody has any jokes or funny comments, please post them to me. (just click on the send mail icon, thingy.) If you do, i'll put them here, with some of my jokes and funny comments - with your name or username underneagh.

My goals in life is to go to college and become very brainy and big chested. Ha ha. No, I'm being serious!! I want to be very brainy and go to university! I want to study Music, Physics and English. In the future, I can see myself as a performer or something to do with Physics.

I want to live in the White house, and rule America - plus only have school on weekends and days off in the week. But, i think that Bush is doing a better job than i would be doing - at the moment anyway. IF YOU ARE READING THIS - BUSH - YOU SUCK!!!!!! (dont hit me)!!! But, I also want to be brainy! I would like to be brainy. If anybody has a spare brain, please send it to me!

I am afraid that Headrush is no more - the musicians kinda left without informing me. I also have a Drama audition tonight at the college in my local town! I am soo great, I am soo great - everybody loves me, i am so great! I will let everybody know how I got on when I do know - which won't be for at least a week - i think. I don't know, I ain't brainy! I wanna pony!

My favourite what? This doesn't make any sense. I wanna go home! Look in my journal. Why can't school just blow up? I'm sick to death of it all! I wanna go home and drink some vodka! Hi mom - you slag! Oh! I get this section now! All I have to say is what my favourite things are; music: Goth Rock/ Rock Ballads band: Evanescence song: Breathe No More singer: Isn't it obvious? Amy Lee colour: Deep purple - or really, really bright blue. food: Food? I don't eat, so I won't have a favourite food - won't I? friend: I have soo many friends - I'll list them all - - - Sian Griffiths - - - Nick Phillips - - - Alys Edmunds - - - Rhian Jacob Crankshaw - - - Karen James - - - Ceri Desteffano - - - Tasha Lelli - - - Louise Hepworth - - - Diana Capel Jarvis - - - Cath Elms - - - Nia Desteffano - - - Naomi Hammett - - - Jenny lloyd - - - Jen Carpenter - - - Daniel Hyde - - - Johnny Royals - - - Ricky Hooper - - - Carwyn Davies - - - Nathan Jones - - - Flori (I'm not sure about her surname) - - -

Username:1swalker (user #140136)
Interests:(36) amy lee, angel, ben moody, buffy, cheerleading, corrination street, dancing, eastenders, eleventh hour, emmerdale, evanescence, even more sleeping, Family Guy, futurama, going to town, hanging with friends, heavy metal, james marsters, laughing, lost, michelle trachtenburg, music, music, music, music, music, music, mutant x, running, sarah-michelle-gellar, sleeping, supernatural, swimming, the bill, the Simpsons, will And grace
Last Login:Monday, July 31, 2006
Created:2006-01-06 08:44:10
I smoke:Never
I drink:Regularly
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Education:In High School
Religion:No Answer
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships

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