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Well I guess this is growing up;;
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If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be and why?: If i could be someone else for the day, i'd be Chuck Norris.
What would you do if you woke up as the opposite sex?: If i woke up as the opposite sex i'd go walk around with a thong & a bra on.
Do you know anyone who has a birthday today?: Birthday sexx...
Name something you do ALL the time, but you wish you didn't.: I smoke, but i regret it.
What keeps you up at night?: Boys keep me up all night, they're adorable.
How many languages can you say "hello" in?: I can say 'hello' in two languages ; impressive, i know.
Do you like snow?: I absotootly l.o.v.e snow! ♥
Do you get nervous a lot?: I don't get nervous at alll. but i get shy around grown ups.. they're all awkward & such.
What's your favorite smell?: I love the smell of cherries o.o
Are you close to your siblings, if you have any?: I'm super close to my brother, Christian. he's my life.
What brand of conditioner do you use?: Why do all survey's ask what kind of conditioner i use? idfk.
How many floors does your house have?: Why are you concerned in my whole life? stalk me much?
What is the first thing you do when you get up every morning?: The first thing i do in the morning is wake up and fall asleep again.
What annoys you the most?: Sluts annoy me the most.
Who was your first ever best friend?: My first ever bestfriend is a lil' thing i like to call 'Brianna'.
If you were to die tomorrow what things would you do?: If i were to die tomorrow, i'd go jump off of the Sears Tower first.
Would you kill someone to save your own life?: The only one i would kill to save my own life is DOMINIQUE..
How many people live in your household?: 5 people, Mom;Dad;Christian;AJ;Me. & 7 including my two dogs :3.
What color is the floor in your kitchen?:
Anything annoying you at the moment?: My ex boyfriend is annoying the fuck out of me lately.
How long have you been single or in a relationship for?: I've been single for 4 months now ♥.
If someone talks to you when you're sleeping, will you talk back?:
How many people do you trust?: I only trust a couple of people. Moriah, Savanna, & John.
How different would your life be if music didn't exist anymore?: If music mever existed, then life would be quite stupid.
Do you like your name?: Andi. <- i hate my name.
What are you initials?:
Ever been on omegle or chatroulette?:
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