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♥♥.A.♥.B.♥.O.♥.U.♥.T.♥. ;; .♥.M.♥.E.♥♥

Soo, im Paris.
I love my friends so much,
They're pretty much my world.
Theyre amazing inside and out,
And basically the best people ive ever met in my life
Music is my life, Without it, the world would suck.
I love like a million bands which are awesome hah
I am pretty girly... But i am a good crazy type of girl too,
I love being crazy...
&& not caring what other people think!
You only live once right?

Im the type of girl you won't ever forget...
Once im in your life,
I'm REALLY random,
And say whats on my mind and stuff,
I L.O.V.E to talk and meet new people,
So talk to me anytime =]

I am also a facebook addict, So you can add me up,
I use Notes as my survey source... I post them on there. =]
I love to laugh,
And am told to be good at making people laugh,
People also tell me im really good at cheering people up,
Which i think is a good quality to have. :]

Honestly, i can say that im one of the nicest people you'll ever meet,
But i dont take shit off people;;!
Never have, Never will.
I can see fake people from a mile away,
And im not a fan of them,
So yeah.

Here is Michelle,
I love this girl to bits and pieces,
Shes very special to me, and i love her SO much
We have had tons of good times together,
And SO many more to come!!
Theres so many good memories that i could never forget...
Spent with her!
Shes definitely one of MY faves! <3
And i'll always love her. No matter WHAT!

Photobucket Here is my amazing,
Best friend, ♥Sara♥.
She is the most amazing friend ive ever had.
She is always there for me though everything,
As i am for her too,
She knows EVERYTHING about me,
And is a LOT like me...
Together, we have the best times EVER,
We have so many inside jokes we could write a book,
Are insperable and miss eachother sooo much...
When we're apart!
Finding a friendship like ours, is described as IMPOSSIBLE;;
So many crazy, fun, 100% AWESOME
Great days and Amazing nights, spent together
That are absolutely impossible to forget...
And absolutely impossible to live without!
And i couldnt imagine living my life without her in it.
Shes Beautiful, Amazing, And most of all;;
An indefinite best friend for life.
And i love her with absolutely all my heart♥,
Shes like the sister i never had,
And the most special, irreplaceable perfect friend,
That im sooooo seriously happy to have =]

This is Christina, shes by FAR amazing!
We met in grade 8 and have been besties ever since,
I couldn't live without her in my life,
Me without my Chocolate Chip is pointless to even think about...
Because we have too many amazing times together,
And have too many endless laughs,
To be without eachother!
She is such a sweet friend to have.
I love this girl down to this earth.
Shes my Chippy! haha
And we will ALWAYS be best friends =] ♥



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