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my life consists of family, friends, school, food, my phone, and photography. and without those things, i wouldn't be who i am today. i don't take as many risks as i'd like to, but i do live life to the fullest. i'll be fifteen on october nineteenth, and i'm short. i'm nice, but i may come off rude. i'ma freshman, saberrrcatt. i hate getting called hot, it really gets on my nerves. purple and red are what attracts my green eyes. i'm attracted to boys in skinny jeans, nikes or vans, and cute faces. take chandler haggard for example. hunter andrews is my bestfriend. i'd rather hang out with boys than girls. i get along with almost anyone, just don't be ignorant. if i said i didn't judge people, i'd be lying, because everyone does it. i trust everyone until i have a reason not too. people can easily get on my nerves. i'm usually gone on the weekends, at karisa's, or something. i'm a huge believer in karma. " everything happens for a reason ", yeah, that's what i believe. i'm not fake, neither is my hair. i don't wear contacts, and i've never had braces. i'm not conceited, i'm just confident. if you ask me how i feel about you, i'll tell you the truth. i enjoy life, and every challenge that comes with it. i love dancing with karisa, and being myself. i'm usually up for anything as long as drugs, and smoking are out of it. it takes a lot to make me cry, just not all the time. taco bell could easily be my bestfriend. i'm stubborn, and indecesive. i take a lot of pictures. i stay outta trouble, just not all the time. i have an attitude, almost always, but that's just me. i'm desiree, and i'm not going to change for you, or anyone else. take it or leave it.


once i throw on this bowchickawowwow, watcha gunna say? (;

Username:-desbaby (user #331586)
Interests:(24) aaron sharp, animals, camaras, eskimo joes, family, formspring.me, friends, happiness, jumping, justin bieber, laughing, lemonade, merry-go-rounds, music, myspace, photography, rain, smiling, summer, sunshine, swinging, trampolines, you,, youtube
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Created:2009-08-04 15:06:30
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
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