The Social Experiment

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Introduction I have had this script for a TV show stuck in my head for years and I decided to finally write it out in a story format, as I've never written a script before. I have other ideas for movie scripts in my head, but this one I feel would be better suited as a TV show. It's a bit dark at times, especially the beginning, just a warning. It's supposed to have the feel of one of those dark teenage/young adult TV shows like Vampire Diaries or Pretty Little Liars. I hope you guys like it!

Chapter 1 - The Storm

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Six-year-old Mila was tossing and turning in her bed. She couldn't seem to fall back asleep after having a nightmare. She pulled her covers off, stepped out of bed, and made her way down the hallway of her home. Her parents' bedroom light was on and she could hear that they were talking about something. She stood outside their closed door and stuck her ear up to the door to listen in. Her mom was telling her father that her brother, Mila's uncle who had previously been a scientist, had just been released from prison. His sentence had been completed and he was a free man. Mila's father asked Mila's mother to remind her of what he went to prison for. That's when Mila sneezed and her mother got up and went to the door.
"What are you doing awake?," her mother asked.
"I had a nightmare. It was hard to fall back asleep. Uncle Carl is out of jail, Mommy?," Mila replied.
Her mom hesitated for a second and then said, "yes."
"Daddy just asked you why he was in prison. So why was he?," Mila asked.
"I'll tell you when you're older," her mom answered. With that, she grabbed Mila's hand and led her back to her own bedroom. She tucked her, kissed Mila on the forehead and said, "get some sleep, love."

A couple weeks had passed and Mila's parents had decided to go visit Uncle Carl. They were loading some things into their car and Mila was already strapped into her carseat, ready to ride along.
"Are you absolutely positive that it's okay to bring Mila with us? I don't trust your brother for obvious reasons," Mila's father said to her mother.
"Yes! He went through a program in prison and I hear he's a changed man. He's my brother and I want to be able to trust him again. I want Mila to grow up knowing her uncle as a good man. I truly believe he's better now. Besides, he's the only family we have left," he mother replied.
They were ready to take off on their journey as it started to drizzle outside. As they progressed towards Uncle Carl's home, it began to rain harder and harder. Mila started hearing crashes of thunder and saw lightning striking outside and she began to get scared.
"It's okay, Mila, just a little thunderstorm, we'll be fine," her said to comfort her.
The rain storm worsened even more. Mila's dad, who was at the wheel, was now having a hard time seeing anything ahead of him as buckets of water poured across the windshield.
"Oh man. I can't see anything. Shit," her father cursed, "I'm gonna have to figure out how to pull over."
"How are you gonna see well enough to pull over?," her mom asked, sounding a bit panicked.
"I don't know!," her father yelled.
That's when Mila heard a crash louder than any of the thunder. That's the last thing she can remember.

Mila woke up a few days later feeling very sore. She blinked open her eyes and looked around. She was in a hospital room. She looked down at her arm and there was an unknown object stuck to it with a wire coming out that Mila followed with her eyes all the way to this big beeping machine. There were flowers and stuffed animals on the table to her other side. A nurse ran into the room.
"She's awake!," the nurse yelled. More doctors and nurses came into the room. They all looked happy and sad at the same time.
"Where are my parents," Mila said, her voice coming out all scratchy and weak.
The room fell silent until eventually one of them said, "Mila... you've been in a car accident. Your parents didn't make it, I'm very sorry."

About a month had passed, and after attending a couple court dates, it was decided that Mila would now fall into the custody of her uncle Carl, her only living relative.
It was her seventh birthday and the day she was moving into her uncle's house. A woman in a suit walked her up to her uncle's front door. Carl answered the door, looking extremely excited as Mila stepped inside.
"Hi, Mila! I'm so glad to be meeting you. I'm so excited that you're finally here. I have so many fun surprises for you, you'll love it here!," he exclaimed, smiling down at her. He didn't seem sad about losing his sister at all. Mila frowned at him. The social worker looked down at Mila and said, "Alright, my dear. Your uncle will take very good care of you! Have a good first day, you two!"
She turned and left. Mila's uncle closed the door behind them and Mila watched as he turned and latched multiple locks on the front door.
"Alright, let's get started then, there's no time to waste. Come see your new room. You'll be spending quite a bit of time in there," he said, laughing.
He brought her to a doorway with even more locks on it. He opened it up and stepped inside with her. Mila saw a bed in one corner, a toilet in another, and a small desk with a chair in the other. The desk had a stack of printer paper and some crayons on it, along with a little desk lamp. There were no windows and just that one little lamp to light up the room. The light was on, but the room was still pretty dark and dreary. The walls and floors were a boring gray color and there were no decorations at all.
As Mila was looking around unimpressed, Uncle Carl exclaimed, "Let the experiment begin!"
He then slammed the door abruptly and she heard him messing with all the locks on the other side of the door.
"What are you doing!?," she screamed, "Hey, why are you locking me in here?"
She banged at the door, screaming, as tears filled her eyes. He never answered her questions. She sat down on the floor, squeezed the teddy bear she'd kept from the hospital, and cried her eyes out. After she'd cried out all of her tears, Mila got up and walked slowly over to the desk in the corner. On the top of the stack of paper, she saw that he'd left her a note. Good thing Mila was the fastest reader in her class.
She read out loud, sounding out the few words she didn't know, "Welcome to the experiment. You will be in this room for exactly ten years. There are cameras on the ceiling above you. I will slide meals through the drop box in your door twice a day. Slide the trays back through to me when you are done eating. I will give you a gift on each birthday until your seventeenth. That year, I will let you out as your gift. Love, Uncle Carl." Mila stared down at the paper for a while, then eventually led her gaze up above her to the cameras on the high ceiling she'd never be able to reach. How was this happening? Hadn't she already been through enough? It felt as though the storm that killed her parents had followed her here and would never end.

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