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Author: webbylover
Created: December 24, 2022
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Which Ducktales 2017 duckling girl will you get to have sex with tonight?

Created by webbylover

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1. Which girls color underwear scheme do you want to see right now?

2. What color and size should this girls nipples be?

3. Should a girl have pubic feathers or pubic hair above her vagina?

4. A girl should include the following kink as an ok thing to do in the bedroom.

5. Another kink a girl should ok for the bedroom is?

6. What kink would you want okayed in the bedroom?

7. Whose the dominate one in the bedroom?

8. What wrist accessories does the girl wear while naked?

9. What hair accessories stay on in the bedroom?

10. What does she call the vibrator that’s shaped either like your penis or a penis?

11. What sexy little outfit should a girl wear during sexual roleplay?

12. What other kind of underwear besides regular, should the girl wear during sex?

13. If the girl wanted to try peeing infront if you as a kink you’d….?

14. She wants to try pooping infront of you so you….?

15. During her period you…?

16. There’s a nudist beach in Duckburg so you and your girl…..?

17. She’s wearing her first bikini to the beach and is in the ocean with you. You’re aroused and…..?

18. A girl giving a blowjob should…..?

19. Your girl sits next to you at the theater in the top row and the theater is empty but for you both so she should….?

20. You wake up in the morning and need to pee but are also aroused so you….?