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Author: ducklover
Created: September 1, 2021
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Webby, Lena or Violet? Whose friendship bracelet will you get to try on?

Created by ducklover

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1. Choose the word(s) below that best describes you.

2. Favorite color?

3. Magic is….?

4. I put in my hair a….?

5. I was the one who tied June Ducks friendship bracelet on her right wrist.

6. A good color my best friend would like is….?

7. Adventure calls and I….?

8. My best friend is worried this sleepover won’t work, I help her by….?

9. I got the friendship bracelet I wear now because…..?

10. I am a….?

11. I am with clan…..?

12. #Team…..?

13. I put on my shirt/sweater/whatever then put on ……?

14. I secretly want to……?

15. My favorite weather is….?

16. You cause me to get my favorite PJs wet during an adventure and I….?

17. I need a third color for my third bestie so I choose….?

18. My favorite letter is…..?

19. I like sleepovers at……?

20. My other favorite letter is…..?

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