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Author: ducklover
Created: August 29, 2021
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Which Ducktales Duckling “Sister” are you?

Created by ducklover

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1. I see a pink bow and I….?

2. I finally get my brand new Duckburg library card in the mail and I…..?

3. My favorite drink is…..?

4. My favorite weather formation is….?

5. Learning about someone’s family history is…..?

6. Are you afraid to have someone find out who your family is?

7. My favorite letter of the alphabet is….?

8. My other favorite letter of the alphabet is…?

9. I prefer sleepovers at……?

10. One secret about me is…..?

11. I go to get dressed from my pjs and I choose to wear….?

12. After that, the accessories I wear are…?

13. The friendship bracelet colors I chose for my bracelet are…..?

14. I like my friendship bracelet to sit on my…..?

15. At the sleepover, my pjs are….?

16. During the day my friendship bracelet is…..?

17. During the sleepover, my friendship bracelet is……?

18. I got my friendship bracelet….?

19. Which duckling brother do I find cute?

20. Which duckling brother do I want to date?

21. How does my first date with…..go?

22. The first kiss feels……?

23. The way I feel about adventuring is…..?

24. My preferred hairstyle is….?

25. For me, hugs are……?

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