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Author: sarapotato
Created: November 10, 2006
Taken: 37 times
Rated: G

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A little Different but not by much

Created by sarapotato and taken 37 times on Bzoink
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How are you?
Do you Love [yourself]?
So what's you're full name?
What's your education?
How Old are you?
How tall are you?
What's your natural hair color?
What's the color of your hair now?
Do you like it?
How's life treating you?
Is it a roller coaster[ups and downs] or a car ride[little bumpy]?
Do you like your life?
depressed much? or happy?
Who's your lover?
Do you like being single?
what would your perfect match look like?
what about his personality?
What do you like in boys/girls?
are you picky?
Are Looks everything to you?
would you date somebody that has great personality but isnt good looking?
what's more important? Humor or Sweetness?
what would happen on your dream date?
would you make the first move?
if you were able to wish for love or money..what would u wish for?
If you could have any wish in the world what would it be?