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Author: shin-uzuki
Created: April 2, 2006
Taken: 11 times
Rated: PG

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Here's your chance to get Random

Created by shin-uzuki and taken 11 times on Bzoink
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Let's try This or That...
pepsi or coke
girl or guy
lies or truth
repeating or ceasing[stopping]
chocolate or vanilla
red or blue
green or yellow
purple or orange
colors or greyscale[were every color turns grey]
done, or not done
sorry, done with this part...
Quotes, like or not, etc....
When your hyper...
Shut up...unless you wanna be retarted like me!-MOMO, from Episode Beyond
If your random or hyper...
You can't help boredom without doing something stupid!-Shin Uzuki, me...
I can't figure out any other funny quotes...
Something I got from another...
Hmm...do you like tuna pie?
isn't tuna pie weird?
I dare you...
say it!
say it again...
you scared yet?
did you...
use some kleenix
feel like you're on crack
feel nothing but the pain in your @$$,
or somewhere else...
or feel nothing at all because of that
yeah, okay. drink vodka
I don't know how to spell that, so...
It's late....
oh, back 2 topic, are Christian
related later...drink Aquafina
see that comercial about it
drink, drink, DRINK!.......
want me to shut up
not yet, sorry.
It's all you now...
Name[full or not, nick or @$$, ur choice]
religion[told you, related later]
hair color
hair type[straight, wavy, etc]
hair size
weight[if you're embarrassed, u don't have 2]
style[casual, baggy, whatever]
hate[be wise on this...]
girl or guy[I spaced, sorry]
Answers 2 Questions[some..few...]
I asked about hate. It's cause I just can't hate...
I knew this wasn't random enough, it's late, I'll make another 1.
This was pretty long. I hope you're happy.