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Author: smilingjessie
Created: January 28, 2006
Taken: 3,758 times
Rated: G

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Music Shuffle

Created by smilingjessie and taken 3758 times on Bzoink
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Put your mp3 player on shuffle, and list the first ten songs.
First Song:
Second Song:
Third Song:
Fourth Song:
Fifth Song:
Sixth Song:
Seventh Song:
Eight Song:
Ninth Song:
Tenth Song:
Time to see what they mean to you!
Who does song 1 remind you of?
What part of your life does song 2 describe the best?
If you could dedicate song 3 to someone, who would it be?
Does Song 4's lyrics mean anything to you personally?
Why do you like song 5?
When did you first start listening to the artist of song 6?
How many albums do you have from the artist of song 7?
How are number 8 and 9 similar?
What is number 10's meaning?
What song out of the 10 is your favorite?
What song out of the 10 is your least favorite?
Which song means the most to you and why?
Would you dedicate any of these to your love/crush?
Would you dedicate any of these to your enemy?
Do these top ten songs fairly reflect your music collection?